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A decision-making system for self-driving cars that can be certified in the EU.

Automotive, Logistics & Mobility

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The main barrier to L4 and L5 self-driving cars taking root in Europe are constitutional clauses that prevent black box AI decision making. Motor Ai has solved this problem with its own deductive reasoning based system, whose decisions are transparent and certifiable. Our goal in the next year is to test across Europe and continue the certification process.


A certifiable system that will enable us to operate and/or license components in the EU

Different technology that makes decision-making transparent and explainable

Components that enable object detection and tracking without requiring training

Motor Ai Team Members

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Motor Ai

Solving complex traffic situations for self-driving cars in a deductive, certifiable way
  • 2017
  • 1-10 Employees
  • Motor Ai GmbH
  • Handelsregister
  • Berlin, DE