„Start-ups verdursten in der Regel nicht, sondern ertrinken“
Interview"Start-ups don't usually die of thirst, they drown"Start-ups want to serve all customers. Christoph Rößner from Laserhub explains why that's nonsense.
Das sind die fünf Lieblingstools von Exakt-Health-CEO Philip Billaudelle
KnowledgeThese are Exakt Health CEO Philip Billaudelle's five favorite tools.The start-up relies on classics like Slack or Notion - but also has insider tips up its sleeve.
Wie gelingt der Börsengang mit einem Start-up?
KnowledgeHow do you succeed in going public with a start-up?Going public requires a lot of preparation. What founders should consider before an IPO.
Bitpanda-CEO Eric Demuth:
Warum niemand Scheinbeiräte braucht
MagazineOpinionBitpanda CEO Eric Demuth: Why no one needs bogus advisory boardsHe accuses the BJDW of refusing to work, sharply criticizes the self-promotion of founders, and warns against autocratic bubbles.
Bewerbungsphase für Digital Female Leader Award läuft
NewsApplication period for Digital Female Leader Award is runningFemale founders, experts and other creative women can apply online for the award until July 26.
„Die Menschen in diese Zockerei zu treiben, ist gefährlich
Interview"Driving people into this gambling is dangerous".Digital expert Alexander Braun sharply criticizes neobrokers for getting young people hooked - with serious consequences.
„Ich will nicht an der Nase herumgeführt werden
Knowledge"I don't want to be led around by the nose".In an interview, Holger Witte of Vorwerk Ventures explains what makes a good pitch these days - and what is better left alone.
„Wir wollen 400 Millionen Menschen versorgen”
Interview"We want to power 400 million people"Kowry Energy founder Ndiarka Mbodji explains how she manages projects in southern Africa from thousands of miles away.
Finance Baby!
InterviewStartup of the monthFinance Baby!ETFs, shares, pension provision - many people don't have a clear view. The two founders of Finance baby! want to change that.

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