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Hello my friend, have you been stranded on the German edition of Startbase? At least your browser tells us, that you do not speak German - so maybe you would like to switch to the English edition instead?

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FYI: Deutsche Edition verfügbar

Hallo mein Freund, du befindest dich auf der Englischen Edition der Startbase und laut deinem Browser sprichst du eigentlich auch Deutsch. Magst du die Sprache wechseln?

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„Den Anlegern fehlt die Expertise“
Interview"Investors lack expertise"Crowdinvesting sounds appealing. Finance professor Markus Petry explains why many projects fail despite this.
So will Upvest eine Million Endkunden erreichen
PortraitHow Upvest wants to reach one million end customersThe Berlin fintech wants to tap into a new market. Founder Martin Kassing wants to occupy a very special niche.
Ein Start-up mitten in der Grauzone
PortraitA start-up in the middle of the grey zoneLars Müller wants to open up the young market for cannabinoids with Synbiotic. Above all, this requires stamina.
Recht modern
ReportModern lawLegal tech is a growth market, with more and more startups trying to help lawyers and clients. A look at the industry.
Wann Start-ups von Crowdfunding profitieren können
KnowledgeWhen start-ups can benefit from crowdfundingCrowdfunding offers startups another funding option. However, there are major differences in the way it is structured.
Hier bekommen junge Start-ups Geld
KnowledgeThis is where young start-ups get moneyIn the early stages, founders can rely on business angels, incubators or state funding. An overview.
Start-up des Monats: Oreltech
InterviewStartup of the monthStart-up of the month: OreltechThe start-up wants to simplify electronics printing. How the young team wants to do it and what are the challenges.