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We develop AI-driven geo-applications. TargomoLOOP offers a plug-and-play location analytics platform, while our APIs allow large geographic network analysis, route planning and visualization to power complex geo-applications.

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Bringing together advanced location analysis & artificial intelligence, Targomo helps organizations generate data-based insights and forecasts to boost performance. Targomo offers location intelligence solutions that convert complex geospatial research into actionable insights, allowing customers to optimize their retail networks and predict performance, deliver better public services, and to improve real estate search and logistics routing.


A novel approach to analyze reachability and combine data underpins our technology. It uses a topologically complex, multi-layered gravitational model, which, combined with machine learning algorithms, economic modelling, cartography and multiple data sources, renders priceless insights to improve operations. Thanks to visualization of locations and networks on a map, users can run through scenarios and quickly analyze the potential of a new facility or office, for instance, and how it impacts other locations.

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Targomo startet kostenfreies Standortanalyse-Tool

Das auf Location Intelligence spezialisierte Unternehmen Targomo will die softwarebasierte Standortanalyse einem breiteren Publikum schmackhaft machen und ...

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We bring together location analytics and artificial intelligence, generating data-based insights to predict and improve all operations with a location component. Covid-19 solutions: medical capacity analytics, delivery planning and social distancing.
  • 2013
  • 11-50 Employees
  • Targomo GmbH
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  • Potsdam, DE