Portraits Exclusive: Enpal wins Volksbank as a partner - and dreams of cars Mario Kohle's solar start-up has prominent investors, is flirting with an IPO and wants to raise money via crowdinvesting. Now the company can inspire a Volksbank - and then there's this car idea.
Portraits How a start-up from Aachen wants to change intensive care medicine Clinomic has developed Mona, an AI designed to help doctors. The corona pandemic has given the young company a strong boost.
Portraits It's all a matter of protocol Stricter sustainability requirements set by policymakers are causing headaches for many investors. Also because good tools for data collection are lacking. Plan A from Berlin believes it has found a solution that...
Portraits This is how Germany's first truly sustainable insurance company is to be created Start-up Verde is going to extreme lengths to be as sustainable as possible. That doesn't exactly make growth easy.
Portraits Here's how Unicorn Workspaces got back on its feet Unicorn Workspaces has been hit hard by the pandemic. But boss Florian Kosak has found more than one creative way to maneuver through the crisis.
Portraits Journalism goes start-up In Düsseldorf, journalists are setting out to finance a news portal with the help of a crowdfunding campaign, and they are not the only ones. If such projects succeed in the long term, it would be a great sign for the...
Portraits "The big ones have lawyers, the little ones have hope". The German economy could soon be facing a wave of insolvencies, partly because many companies ignore early indicators. A fintech from Worms wants to help companies identify difficulties before they become acute.
Portraits A department store within a department store Only a few months after its founding, the Stryze Group was able to collect 100 million US dollars. And it did so with a very simple business model.
Portraits This trio wants to make sign language popular Talking Hands was born out of a study project and wants to reach a large audience with flipbooks, of all things. The idea came about because the sister of one of the founders has Down syndrome.
Portraits The exceptional phenomenon When Michelle Skodowski got the chance to co-found a start-up in 2017, she didn't hesitate for a second. Today, as a woman, she is not only co-founder, but also COO of Botfriends. Still a rarity in the scene.

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