Stuttgart is the capital and largest city of the German state of Baden-Württemberg. It lies an hour from the Swabian Jura and the Black Forest. Its urban area has a population of 634,830, making it the sixth largest city in Germany.

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Startup Charts
Based on monthly employee growth in April 2021

#1 B2B 2017 Zoi
IT consultancy for digital innovation with a holistic approach and a real start-up spirit.
#2 B2C 2003 internetstores
E-commerce company, with more than 40 online stores, more than 2 million page views per day and a large product selection.
#3 B2B 2018 FinMatch
Developing an online platform where a company can make financing requests.
#4 B2B 2014 AnyDesk Software
Offering a remote access software based on the company’s proprietary codec, DeskRT, that allows for virtually latency-free collaboration.
#5 B2B 2014 Filestage
Online team collaboration service for content reviews and proofing.
#6 B2B 2020 The Black Swan AI
Enterprise AI-Operating System to build robust AI applications and tools that would allow to better collect and organize the necessary information and gain competitive intelligence.
#7 B2B 2016 Dispendix
Development of a non-contact liquid handling technology for applications in genomics, drug discovery and clinical research.
#8 B2B 2017 Laserhub
We offer a simple, fast and effective platform to buy every laser and sheet metal parts online in seconds.
Platform for searching, managing and workflow of spare parts.
#10 B2B2C 2019 ViveLaCar
Mobility platform that allows drivers to conveniently rent cars within an all-inclusive subscription model.
#11 B2G 2017 vialytics
The vialytics system offers municipalities and countries innovative maintenance software that detects road damage and other damages
#12 B2B 2015 EKU Power Drives
Development and distribution of an engine standby controller for industrial applications in the oil and gas industry to avoid reduce fuel consumption and maintenance downtime.
#13 B2C 2013 Sowa Labs
Sowa Labs is a fintech startup specialized in predictive data analytics and disruptive applications in trading of financial assets and cryptocurrencies.
#14 B2B 2020 nowwork
#15 B2B 2016 smark
Automated shopping and pickup stations for online grocery stores, enabling customers to shop online and offline 24/7.
#16 B2B 2014 nFrames
nFrames develops software for 3D reconstruction from images with unique performance and flexibility
#17 B2B 2018 ThingOS
Technology platform that combines the access to any smart devices, sensors and actuators for smart home, smart factory and smart retail solutions.
#18 B2B 2015 hatchery
We enable innovation at startup speed and scalable quality.
#19 B2B 2018 asvin
With asvin vendors can distribute updates secure and easily to keep IoT devices at the edge secure and healthy
#20 B2B 2020 Process Diggers
Providing technology to identify process automation potentials based on task mining & process mining.
#21 B2C 2019 rentcast
Renting and subletting apartments as a service for apartment owners.
#22 B2B 2000 corpus.e
SaaS solution to enable shoe retailers to significantly increase sales and reduce inventory and process costs.
#23 B2C 2015 Studibuch
Purchasing and selling used specialist literature in an easy, fair and sustainable way - Welcome to Studibuch.
#24 B2B 2018 Elba Technologies
Implementing Process Automation and Artificial Intelligence Solutions to small businesses and large enterprises in Europe.
#25 B2B 2016 InstaLOD
Tool for automatic polygon optimization of 3D content at high speeds with large data sets.
AI-based weed scouting enables highly accurate herbicide application map calculation.
#27 B2B 2016 tsenso
Temperature monitoring solution for food cold chains along the food supply chain.
#28 B2B 2020 ScaleNC
Building the world's first cloud-based CAD/CAM service platform for sheet metal fabrication. Offering 2D/3D drawing preparation and machine programming for machine tools as a service.
#29 B2B 2018 Conversional
#30 B2C 2016 Polsterando
Your mobile cleaning service directly at your home without travel costs. Fast, uncomplicated and cheap!
#31 B2C 2015 TruPhysics
TruPhysics develops an AI Platform which enables robots understand our world and support human in their daily tasks.
#32 B2B 2018 Steyg
A place where founders, experienced entrepreneurs, corporates and investors meet, to work together to create the business models of tomorrow.
#33 B2B 2019 Sonic Technology
Customer-individual shopfloor management optimization.
Distribution of physical products on Amazon Marketplaces worldwide as software AND service to enable small and medium size companies to grow internationally in short time.
#35 B2B 2016 Pioniergeist
Pioniergeist orchestrates an innovation ecosystem around startups, corporates, universities and investors in order unleash the pioneering spirit in the heart of europe and transform its businesses through the change of digitization.
#36 B2B 2018 Flip
A messenger-based employee app for the entire company, which connects desktop and non-desktop workers, DSGVO-compliant & enables top-down information.
#37 B2C 2012 Mädchenflohmarkt
Mädchenflohmarkt develops an online market for the best "used" pieces for second hand sale.
#38 B2B 2017 changeboxx
Information platform for cyber security.
#39 B2C 2019 NatuRise
Supplements made by nature with social impact
#40 B2B 2016 eMovements
We develop technologies that promote mobility. Our focus is on technological solutions that create more safety and comfort.
#41 B2B 2014 virtualQ
An Intelligent Waiting-loop and Call-back Service. A virtual assistant takes the caller’s place and notifies them when it’s their turn.
#42 B2B 2016 Blickshift
Development of tools for eye-tracking analysis and recording.
#43 B2C 2018 AERVIDEO
Our mission is to create new ways of seeing and capturing the world around us. We encourage you to break the rules of traditional filmmaking, look for new perspectives and leave your comfort zone.
#44 B2C 2018 ChillChoc
ChillChoc - the first ansti-stress cocoa with natural Cannabidiol (CBD) from hemp leaves. 100% vegan, organic and relaxing!
#45 B2B 2020 devmetal
apps: real digital. real agile. real design.
#46 B2B 2017 KOENA tec
KOENA tec operates an IoT platform for smart energy services to make the restaurant sector more sustainable and energy efficient
#47 B2C 2019 Kalea
Providing a solution to turn organic waste into nutritious compost within 48 hours.
#48 B2G 2016 Xavin
We offer associations a platform to present their projects to their members and friends.
#49 B2B2C 2020 SO.real
Creating real digital relations.
#50 B2B 2017 Enable AI
Master your Data
#51 B2C 2019 tugut
Developing digital solutions that make donations to non-profit organizations more attractive and accessible.
#52 B2C 2018 dot on
Production and ecommerce of DIY design products.
#53 B2B 2016 eliso
We are a full service provider of charging stations for electric vehicles, supporting businesses to offer charging solutions to their customers and employees.
#54 B2B2C 2017 socialtelligence
Automation & Artificial Intelligence meet Social Media.
#55 B2B 2019 amprove
We create high performance components for additive manufacturing. Benefit from lightweight design, function & component integration, higher stiffness & durability.
#56 B2B 2018 acitoflux
We build companies. Let’s turn digital business ideas into ventures. Start to co-create and discover the digital jungle!
#57 B2B 2018 Prospeum
A platform to drive efficiency and performance for Procurement, Finance, IT, Marketing and Sales.
#58 B2C 2018 Finanu
Finanu - even you can finance!
#59 B2B 2015 CODE2ORDER
Digital solution for accompanying guests during a hotel stay, with check-in, digital guest folders and communication function
#60 B2B 2020 Optimate
The aim of Optimate is to transfer the part design into the digital age. The term design optimization is unknown to many. We want to change that and give the world the opportunity to get the most out of their parts.
#61 B2B 2016 Peakboard
As an all-in-one-solution, consisting of software and hardware, Peakboard visualizes different complex data and processes at the same time, simply and efficiently in real time.
#62 B2C 2019 Boerse Stuttgart Digital Exchange
Germanys first regulated trading venue for digital assets
#63 B2C 2020 Finucate
E-learning platform for financial knowledge.
#64 B2B 2021 GLOBE Fuel Cell Systems
Development of intelligent and networked fuel cell technology based on hydrogen-powered energy.
#65 B2C 2014 Aimo
Application for health, wellness & fitness.
#66 B2C 2014 StressButler
StressButler offers individual solutions for private individuals and companies.
Platform for debt financing on which companies, financial institutions and the public sector are brought together efficiently and directly with institutional investors.
#68 B2C 2010 Cultured Code
Personal task manager app and software.
#69 B2B 2020 Thermal Care
Development and production of intelligent thermal cameras which enable automatic fever screening by means of artificial intelligence.
#70 B2B 2013 Nantis
Support in conceptual design, development and consulting in the field of electronics and software development.
#71 B2B 2011 tocario
Run virtual desktops - Simple. Flexible. Free. On-premise. In the Cloud. As-a-Service.
#72 B2B2C 2018 BitsAndBricks Solutions
Building Information Modeling with value #contech #proptech #innovation #AEC
#73 B2B2C 2020 Endgame Entertainment
Artist network that mainly offers management and booking.
#74 B2B 2018 ASCon Systems
Forms the link between technical planning and the real production world as a real-time capable digital twin.
#75 B2B 2018 SIDEVIEW
Blockchain-based social business credibility network solution for professionals, businesses and institutions.
#76 B2C 2020 THE FLOOX
The online platform offers artistic online and offline workshops.
#77 B2C 2013 Urlaubstracker
Urlaubstracker searches every day for cheap holiday offers in the field of flights, hotels, cruises and package holidays.
#78 B2B 2017 51nodes
Enabling the Crypto Economy - Technical consulting and implementation of blockchain solutions
#79 B2C 2018 Retromotion
E-Commerce multichannel platform for old- and youngtimer spare parts.
#80 B2B 2018 Energizement
Providing a combinement of advertising with a direct customer benefit - a battery charge.
#81 B2B 2020 Icon Marketing & Brand
Marketing and brand consulting.
#82 B2B2C 2020 autoRetouch
AI-powered imaging platform.
#83 B2B 2013 Amorph Systems
Providing digital solutions for health detection, social distancing and IT to ensure airports and other businesses get off to a high-performance start.
EMECTRIC offers a safe, geometrical flexible and economic lithium-ion battery system. We accompany our customers from Engineering, Rapid-Prototyping and series production of tailored Battery Systems - with the focus on aviation applications.
#85 B2B 2018 Gabee
Coordinating people with ease
#86 B2B 2016 Swabian Instruments
Development of hardware and software for research and development with focus on quantum technology, life sciences and IT networks.
#87 B2C 2020 finance, baby!
Provider of online financial courses specifically for women, on the topics of: Financial Planning, Getting Started with Investments, and ETF Savings Plans.
#88 B2B 2017 HelioHeat
Solar energy company, which has developed a solar receiver technology for energy storage and round-the-clock supply of renewable electricity.
#89 B2B 2017 Best4Automation
Best4Automation - The marketplace for the automation industry.
#90 B2B 2008 AX Semantics
Natural language generation software based on AI and natural language processing that creates content for websites, news sections or generates descriptions for retail items.
#91 B2C 2019 WHALT
WHALT is THE regional information medium of tomorrow. From people for the people, being locals or visitors. Worldwide.
#92 B2B 2019 bex technologies
With bex, no construction or trade business ever has to leave a jobsite for immediately demanded goods again. We deliver within two hours using your preffered regional suppliers. You build. We deliver. Increasing jobsite productivity by 25%.
#93 B2B 2018 Swarm Logistics
Swarm Logistics GmbH is a Deep-Tech software technology company specializing in the development of intelligent, autonomous transportation systems.
HYDROGENATE stops waste incineration. HYDROGENATE turns waste into bio liquefied natural gas (Bio-LNG) and fertilizer.
#95 B2B 2017 HERONIUS
Holistic partner for innovative automation and robot systems with innovative control approach without programming knowledge.
#96 B2B 2016 KMU Zentrale
Purchasing association that unites small and medium-sized companies in the purchase of non-strategic products and services.
#97 C2C 2017
Talenter is the unique platform that connects via block chain technology, service provider of any kind and clients
#98 B2B 2019 InstaWerk
Order CNC-machined parts with just 10 clicks.
#99 B2B 2019 QraGo
Creation and operation of an online platform for the digital mediation of patient transports.
#100 B2B 2016 aucobo
aucobo enables a much more effective collaboration through a new way of networking humans and machines in production and ensures a comprehensive digitalisation on the shop floor.

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