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Startup Charts
Based on monthly employee growth in April 2021

#1 B2B 2016 SpinDiag
We are fighting against drug resistant bacteria!
#2 B2B 2008 Jedox
Software provider for enterprise performance management and business planning.
#3 B2B2C 2011 yourXpert
Platform for placing lawyers, tax consultants and other experts with clients.
#4 B2B 2014 cytena
We offer next-generation single-cell dispensing in cell line development and single-cell genomics.
#5 B2B 2016 Dotscene
Specialized in mobile 3D laser scanning
#6 B2C 2014 VetStage
Job board for the veterinary market.
#7 B2C 2018 WEtell
Mobile phone provider with focus on social-ecological topics.
#8 B2B 2019 HighLine Technology
Development of precision industrial printers for the production of solar cells.
#9 B2C 2019 Tocsen
Smart crash detection and emergency call system for outdoor sport.
#10 B2B 2017 Noor Medical
Provider of safe sterilization of medical instruments in regions with unstable power supply and insufficient hygiene standards.
#11 B2C 2019 LogoLeon
AR-based prevention solution for speech defects, tonsillitis and malocclusion.
#12 B2B 2009 SolarSpring - membrane solutions
Development of membrane distillation separation processes for water treatment and resource recovery for industry, municipalities and research institutes.
#13 B2B 2015 NexWafe
NexWafe uses the Kerfless Wafer Technology for the production of monocrystalline silicon wafers
#14 B2C 2017 Jicki
The company provides an e-larning plattform for foreign languages.
#15 B2B 2018 coview
Web tool for screen shares, screen captures, screenshots and remote browser health checks for support and onboarding teams.
#16 B2C 2015 fairjeans
Fair Trade Jeans from the jeans label from Freiburg.
#17 C2C 2016 VerstauMich
VerstauMich is Germany's peer to peer market place for self storage.
#18 B2B 2020 Phaseform
Adaptive optical systems based on innovative hardware and software.
#19 B2B 2016 idana
Software provider which digitally supports the documentation of a patients' medical history and enables further communication processes between doctors and patients.
#20 B2B 2017 Cedalo
With Streamsheets you make data understandable at a glance and create IoT applications visually and interactively - without even a single line of program code.
#21 B2B 2018 OndoSense
Development of radar sensor solutions for industry 4.0 applications.
#22 B2B 2018 DeepVA
DeepVA is a European AI platform for deep visual understanding that uses state-of-the-art deep learning to gain important insights from all types of images, videos and live streams | Supported by Nvidia, Amazon and Deutsche Telekom
#23 B2B 2019 Extheria
Solutions for digital identity and supply chain transparency.
#24 B2B 2014 Telocate
Technology and service provider with focus on localization solutions in buildings and motion analysis.
#25 B2C 2016 Fundmate
Platform for crowdfunding individual projects.
#26 B2C 2014 Visual Statements
Social publisher with its own trend collection around fashion, interior, print and food, which is sold in its own e-commerce shop as well as retail.
#27 B2B Focal Analytics
#28 B2B 2018 PLAN4 Software
We are digitizing the renovation of buildings - from acquisition to completion
#29 B2B 2020 carbonfuture
Transaction platform that offers credits for carbon reduction and verifiable end-to-end carbon removal accounting.
#30 B2B 2018 Freiburger Medizintechnik
Medical technology startup researching an innovative technology for highly effective and simple infection control.
#31 B2B 2020 Recyda
Software and data provider with focus on recyclability for the packaging value chain.
#32 C2C 2019 kladdebuchverlag
Crowdpublisher for literature, newcomers and book designs.
#33 B2B 2016 Geospin
Geospin turns your data into prognoses and answers the questions of WHERE, WHEN and WHY demand can be expected.
#34 B2B 2016 Wiferion (formerly Blue Inductive)
Development, manufacture and sale of products and services in the field of power electronics and electrical energy storage.
#35 B2B 2007 OXID eSales
Provider of customisable online shops.
#36 B2B 2018 Gardion
Provider of a highly secure VPN with powerful network filters for the optimal protection of your data.
#37 B2C 2016 rollholz
A massage roller for the treatment of muscles and connective tissue or fascia.
#38 B2B 2020 SCIO.ZONE
Knowledge and learning platform with online courses on topics such as digitization, leadership, finance and project management.

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