Berlin ist die Hauptstadt und flächen- und bevölkerungsmäßig größte Stadt Deutschlands. Mit über 3.748.000 Einwohnern ist sie nach London die zweitbevölkerungsreichste Stadt der Europäischen Union. Die Stadt ist eines der 16 Bundesländer in Deutschland.

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Startup Charts
Based on monthly employee growth in September 2021

#1 B2B 2015 Siut
Development and production of dynamic escalator displays.
#2 B2B 2018 CoachHub
Digital coaching provider, offering individual training with experts in coaching and leadership development.
#3 B2C 2017 HABYT
Rental of fully furnished co-living spaces.
#4 B2B2C 2007 SoundCloud
Online music streaming service.
#5 B2C 2013 careerfoundry
Learning platform which offers courses in design, web developement and data analytics to enhance skills or prepare for a career change.
#6 B2B 2020 WorkMotion
Provides a SaaS solution for the HR management of international employees.
#7 B2B 2020 pliant
Corporate credit cards with digital card management and integration with accounting software.
#8 B2B 2010 Productsup
Cloud platform that enables complex data feeds to be quickly and easily structured, analysed and optimised according to the requirements of a wide range of shopping and marketing channels.
#9 B2B2C 2014 Homeday
Platform for real estate agents and interested buyers in Germany and provision of a valuation tool for real estate.
#10 B2C 2013 Thermondo
Digitized installer of heating systems for homeowners
#11 B2B 2020 ecolytiq
Platform that tracks the environmental impact of payment transactions in real-time.
#12 B2C 2013 kitchen stories
Cooking platform that provides video instructions for recipes.
#13 B2B 2007 SysEleven
Multi-cloud Kubernetes as a Service provider.
#14 B2B 2021 promiseQ
On-demand, real-time human verification service to help AI companies maximize the accuracy of their algorithms in production.
#15 B2C 2015
We build and operate social neighbourhood networks in Europe ( / /
#16 B2B 2021 Skytale
Application interface for deposits, wagers, exchanges of tokens at blockchain-first companies.
#17 B2B 2016 eClear
One Stop Shop provider that allows eCommerce businesses to distribute their goods within the member states of the European Union in full compliance with the VAT ruling of the respective country.
#18 B2C 2017 FRIDAY Insurance
Pay-Per-Mile Auto Insurance.
#19 B2B 2016 Elinvar
The digital platform for banks and asset managers to digitize their business model.
#20 B2B 2010 enfore
Combination of innovative hardware, powerful and easy-to-use software to connect all aspects of business.
#21 B2B 2018 Goggo Network
Development of the legal and technical framework for the European autonomous mobility networks of the next decades.
#22 B2C 2018 Kolonne Null
De-alcoholized Premium Wines
#23 B2B 2018 Mobius Labs
Technology that uses artificial intelligence to automatically analyze visual media.
#24 B2B 2016 dashdash
Digital spreadsheet platform with interfaces to other data providers, solutions allow to access online services and develop automated applications.
#25 B2B 2017 decimo gmbh
Factoring in 24h for tradesmen, freelancers & small to medium-sized enterprises.
#26 B2B 2016 perto
Energy efficiency service provider that helps people save energy and money by replacing inefficient electrical equipment
#27 B2C 2019 Kenbi
Outpatient care service in Germany offering the full range of professional care services at home.
#28 B2B2C 2021 YOURGIX
Live streaming platform for artists with the possibility to exchange with fans and to buy tickets.
#29 B2B 2017 expatrio
Support services for expats in Germany regarding health insurance and accounts.
#30 B2B 2019 Agranimo
Agranimo uses climate and soil analysis to help farmers optimise irrigation and increase yields, and retailers forecast supply of fresh produce, improve pricing and reduce waste.
#31 B2B 2019 Carl Finance
M&A Platform for the Mid-Market
#32 B2B 2017 Chargery
Full-service provider for the operation of sharing fleets in urban areas.
#33 B2B 2014 remerge
Retargeting software for mobile apps that delivers personalized mobile ads.
#34 B2C 2021 Alice
App für finanzielle Beratung mit digitalen Tools.
#35 B2B 2019 Deep Neuron Lab
Developing software products that free people from tedious processes and help companies focus on their core business.
#36 B2B 2017 OrgOS
OrgOS is a People Platform that support forward-thinking companies create workplaces employees love.
#37 B2B 2019 apheris
Connecting the world's data via federated and privacy preserving analytics & AI.
#38 B2B 2020 Monite
All-in-one financial management platform for SMEs that automates up to 90% of accounting and administrative tasks.
#39 B2C 2017 CODE University of Applied Sciences
CODE is a Berlin-based state-accredited university of applied sciences that offers bachelor’s degree programs in the field of Digital Product Development.
#40 B2B 2018 RIDE Capital
Establishment of asset-managing limited liability companies to structure and improve finances.
#41 B2B 2009 rivr
AI-based yield management for more efficient utilization and price optimization of digital advertising.
#42 B2C 2019 KlickOwn
Democratising Real Estate
#43 B2C 2013 Clue
Period Monitoring App.
#44 B2C 2017 CAYA
CAYA helps individuals and small businesses to regain control on paperwork, finances and contracts.
#45 B2B 2021 LEAP
E-learning platform for health care in Africa.
#46 B2B 2020 Superchat
Interaction management platform that gives local businesses a better way to communicate with prospects.
#47 B2C 2014
Maintaining the tradition of postcards while connecting to the digital age.
#48 B2B 2018 ilohngehalt
DIY payroll software for small businesses.
#49 B2B 2014 4Scotty
Bewerbungsmarktplatz für Spezialisten in der Softwareentwicklung und IT.
#50 C2C 2018 Spreadgood
Donation platform for health insurance for African families in need.
#51 B2C 2015 wundertax
Software to facilitate making a tax return.
#52 B2B 2017 MonitorFish
Real-time and early detection of fish diseases using artificial intelligence in aquaculture.
#53 B2B 2016 Scompler
Software-as-a-Service Lösung mit der sich Marketing- und Unternehmenskommunikation effizient und effektiv steuern lässt.
#54 B2B2C 2019
KI-basierte search suite für den e-commerce.
#55 B2B 2019 Alcemy
Enabling cement and concrete producers to cut their carbon footprint with machine learning based predictive quality control.
#56 B2C 2020 Kids Circle
Digital childcare services provided by online-savvy Kids Coaches for children ages 4-11.
#57 B2B 2015 JustSnap
Platform for campaign and promotion management in the field of global marketing technology.
#58 B2C 2012 Fox & Sheep
Apps, audio & animation products for children.
#59 B2B 2013 adsquare
Platform for advertisers to integrate audience data, spatial data and transaction data.
#60 B2B 2019 House of Crops
Digitalization of trade and processing of grain and oilseeds through a platform.
#61 B2B 2009 spendino
Become a fundraising superhero: GREEN spendino is the perfect fundraising software for NPOs.
#62 B2B2C 2020 Zukunft Digitale Bildung gGmbH
Non-profit organization that advocates for a modern education system and adapts to the digital needs of the future.
#63 B2C 2016 ONOMOTION
E-mobility company offering a pedal assisted EV.
#64 B2C 2020 Soulside
Creating a 3D social media platform giving people space for expression, for creativity and for fun.
#65 B2B 2012 FLEXPERTO
Platform for communication between companies and customers.
#66 B2B 2020 Agileful
Analyzing, designing and building web and mobile apps.
#67 B2B 2016 PaperHive
Tool für nahtlose Diskussion von Forschungsarbeiten direkt im Browser, eingebettet in den regulären Arbeitsablauf.
#68 B2C 2020 Pfotendoctor
Online veterinary advice.
#69 B2B 2015 Teamplace
Provision of online storage for easier team collaboration.
#70 B2B 2010 Open Bank Project
Open source platform for API solutions in the banking sector.
#71 B2B 2003 softgarden
Recruiting software for applicant management, employer branding and HR marketing.
#72 B2B2C 2019 HappyHourONE
App-based revenue management solution for restaurants by leveraging off-peak hours.
#73 B2B 2017 Alpha Strike Labs
Services in various areas of cyber security.
#74 B2C 2015 DiaMonTech
Development of a medical device that non-invasively measures blood glucose without pricking the finger, taking a drop of blood or using a test strip.
#75 B2B 2015 SoniQ Services
Operations and mobile fulfillment software for building service providers and building cleaning.
#76 B2B 2020 HIER
App for grocers to assist in sourcing from local suppliers.
#77 B2B 2016 HomeBeat.Live
HomeBeat.Live® - The digital platform for apartment buildings
#78 B2B 2020 anabrid
Development of an analog computer on a chip that can be integrated into a digital computer.
#79 B2B 2020 FORMATION
Digital productivity app for employees in large working environments, such as facility management or event management.
#80 B2B 2014 Talentwunder
Google for recruiting
#81 C2C 2015 getaway
Car sharing platform with on-demand fleet of private cars.
#82 B2C 2015 WeddyPlace
Online wedding planner with personal advice.
#83 B2B 2018 Wavy
#84 B2B 2016 fundflow
Financing platform for freelancers & small businesses.
#85 C2C 2019 SitEinander
Digital social networking platform that enables families to network with other people in the neighbourhood and help each other with childcare.
#86 B2B2C 2020 ThankU
Platform to say thank you to people you know via a charitable donation.
#87 B2C 2012 Jonny Fresh
Laundry & dry cleaning with pick-up and delivery service.
#88 B2B2C 2015 ORBANISM
Publisher and event organizer. Our passion is to help community professionals thrive.
#89 B2C 2012 Changers
App against climate change and for healthier, more social and climate-friendly cities and businesses.
#90 B2C 2016 Wildcorn
Vegan snacks without sugar, preservatives and without artificial flavors or colors.
#91 B2C 2018 Carbon Mobile
Advanced and sustainable Personal Electronics. Creator the first flagship German Smartphone. Making thinner, lighter, stronger, and more sustainable products.
#92 B2B 2021 Omiqa Bioinformatics
DNA or RNA sequencing services, including COVID-19 analysis.
#93 B2B 2015 store2be
Store2be - The search engine for pop-up & promotion space.
SaaS platform for brands and agencies to place digital out-of-home campaigns.
#95 B2B 2018 Belyntic
HPLC-free Peptide Purification
#96 C2C 2019 RecTag
RecTag is podcast discovery and beyond. We want to empower everyone to share their message, be heard and discover stories they love.
#97 B2B 2015 Beemgee
Beemgee helps storytellers tell better stories.
#98 B2B 2018 Canostix
Saving lives by revolutionizing cancer screening
#99 B2C 2015 Kinderheldin
Digital birth preparation and parental care by professional midwives.
#100 B2B 2015 Setting

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