Die Freie und Hansestadt Hamburg ist nach Berlin die zweit-größte Stadt Deutschlands. Außerdem ist Hamburg die 8. größte Stadt der Europäischen Union mit einer Bevölkerung von über 1,8 Million Menschen.

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Startup Charts
Based on monthly employee growth in September 2021

#1 B2B 2014 APPINIO
Platform for specific customer surveys.
#2 B2B 2012 Savings United
Connects brands with shoppers through high-quality coupon solutions.
#3 B2B 2020 Mysupply
Automated sourcing via With mysupply you tender faster, evaluate offers easily and negotiate automatically with the help of our system intelligence.
#4 B2B2C 2015 Frischepost
Platform for regional agricultural businesses in the field of direct marketing.
#5 B2B 2015 Freelance Junior
Freelance Junior is a platform that accompanies students on their first steps into self-employment and brings them together with clients for their first projects.
#6 B2B 2017 airfocus
Prioritization and roadmapping software solution that helps teams visualize priorities, build lean roadmaps, collaborate on strategy and align your vision with the whole organization.
#7 B2B2C 2017 Exporo
Platform for financing and investing in real estate.
#8 B2C 2020 Tresor One
Portfolio performance tracking solution for equity and ETF investors.
#9 B2B 2019 Lignopure GbR
In LignoPure we replace oil based products with biobased & biodegradable materials
#10 B2B 2018 Flexvelop
Flexvelop is the first fully digitalized leasing company and is thereby able to fund business critical equipment for growing companies in the easiest, quickest, and fairest way.
#11 B2C 2019 ExpressSteuer
Automation of administrative processes in tax consulting.
#12 B2B 2013 cflox
Global market platform for cash flow, trade finance, and working capital within the supply chain.
#13 B2B 2015 eFarm
Online trading platform dedicated to certified farm equipment.
#14 B2B 2013 minubo
An Enterprise Business Intelligence as a plug-and-play solution that enables commerce companies to leverage their data to build intelligent and automated processes.
#15 B2B 2011 North Data
Online research tool for business information, financial ratios, interconnectedness of companies.
#16 B2B 2015
AI-based chatbot solution to automate customer communication for marketing, sales and customer service.
#17 B2C 2014 Selfster
Self-coaching software for personal success.
#18 B2B 2017 Stream Time
Video Aggregator Feed (VAF) for cross platform video content, embedded via a widget in line with content of rest of page.
#19 B2B2C 2013 StyleRemains
Online marketplace for second hand designer fashion.
#20 B2B 2014 LifeTime
Secure software solution for the digital dispatch of documents in medical practices and medical institutions.
#21 B2B 2020 MEGAAA
Specialized wholesale for detergents and hygiene articles.
#22 B2B 2006
Development of navigation and positioning systems, marketing of ship position data and operation of Internet portals.
#23 B2C 2020 Kickdown
Online auction platform for young and oldtimers.
#24 B2B2C 2019 Bloxxter
Provider of shares Premium properties in the real estate sector, which are otherwise reserved for institutional investors.
#25 B2B 2018 Hyconnect
Smart joining technologies for a lightweight revolution.
#26 B2C 2016 TripUp
We offer a portal for clever shore excursions completely independent of the booked cruise shipping company!
#27 B2C 2014 Easyfolio
App-based digital wealth management.
#28 B2B 2020 Stargazr
AI-powered software for finance departments to analyze and forecast financial data.
#29 B2B 2014 ZEIT Akademie
Digital personnel development for companies to support in matters of further education adapted to the needs of the organization.
#30 B2B 2012 HR Puls
Cloud based HR Software for Recruiting, HR Management and Performance to easily find, retain and develop talents
#31 B2C 2015 Overhype Studios
Independent Game Developers.
#32 B2B 2016 Drone Industry Insights
Market research and analysis for the commercial drone market.
#33 B2C 2018 New Shore Invest
Intermediary platform through which private investors can invest directly and free of charge in promising shipping projects.
#34 B2C 2017 BauFi24
Platform to compare loans and find the individual best one.
#35 B2B2C 2017 CO2CKPIT
Software to simplify and reduce complex correlations in the areas of climate change and energy system transformation in order to achieve climate goals.
#36 B2B2C 2015
Platform specifically for the gift market.
#37 B2C 2019 Proceer
Enabling the planning and implementation of virtual consulting.
#38 B2C 2017 OWNR Deutschland
OWNR is providing Residential Real Estate Leasing.
#39 B2B 2015 Catchup Applications
White label app for hospitals.
#40 B2B 2021 VisualMakers
NoCode software for building websites, apps and MVPs.
#41 B2C 2018 YOU CANDY
Seller of vegan vitamin fruit gums.
#42 B2B 2019 Cloud Monsters
Platform for customer relations in the sales area.
#43 B2B 2011 Desk-Net
Cloud-based content management software for editorial work.
#44 B2C 2011 Threaks
Hamburg-based online games developer for the PC as well as AR/VR.
#45 B2C 2017 VIVERE
By leveraging future technologies, we create valuable FMCG products fulfilling modern consumer’s demands and expectations.

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