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News Qoa convinces investors Munich-based start-up Qoa has won over Cherry and Ecosia as a yellow giver. The founders want to produce Schokoloade without cocoa.
News Hellobetter raises six million euros The Hamburg-based start-up for online psychological courses has raised money from international venture capitalists such as Healthcap and Expon Capital.
News Gibisch founders invest in Hye The start-up Hye offers drinks and adds plant-based nutritional supplements to them. The Gibisch brothers have now invested.
News Flixbus plans new route network with Greyhound Flixbus bought the US industry giant Greyhound for 172 million US dollars. Now company boss Schwämmlein is speaking out about his plans for the company.
News Sustainable competition for gorillas The start-up Alpacas focuses on sustainable packaging, environmentally friendly transport and organic instead of fast.
News Ecosia launches fund for climate technology The fight against climate change requires innovation. But Europe, as always, lacks the venture capital to do so. A new fund wants to change that.
News Y42 raises $31 million The Berlin-based start-up received 2.9 million US dollars seven months ago. Now Y42 has gained international investors.
News Getsafe receives Bafin license So far, the start-up Getsafe has only brokered insurance policies. Now it wants to offer its own.
News End of the Esis school platform The digital school platform Esis is giving up at the end of July 2022. The start-up Schulmanager Online will take over the customers.
News Luminovo takes over Electronic Fellows Luminovo and Electronic Fellows want to support PCB manufacturers in their work. Now the two start-ups have merged.

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