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Based on monthly employee growth in September 2021

#1 B2B 2003 PAYONE
Full service payment provider for merchants and services to assist with cashless payment challenges.
#2 B2B 2017 LeanVal Invest
LeanVal Group provides fundamental digital research, asset management and digital platforms to institutional and semi-institutional clients.
#3 B2B 2019 JOKER Tech
Development of extremely small inverters. These are integrated directly by the manufacturer of the photovoltaic modules into the frame of the modules.
#4 B2C 2020 FINVIA
Platform for managing assets and access to tailored investment strategies.
#5 B2B 2015 FINLEX
Platform for industrial insurance.
#6 B2B 2016 CASHLINK
Blockchain infrastructure with software solution for issuing and configuring digital securities, such as bonds, certificates or profit participation rights.
#7 B2C 2016 GreenMania
GreenMania is the app for fun in the good life! Users earn points for positive contributions to society and the environment. In return they get discounts.
#8 B2B 2015 homefully
#9 B2B 2014 avvaneo
Cloud-based financial process automation and analytics software.
#10 B2C 2006 flatex
Online broker for stock trading with its own app and German banking license.
#11 B2C 2019 Tvarit
We provide best solutions for smart manufacturing, smart machines and digital transformation.
#12 B2B 2021 SQ Solutions
Further development of transactional COBOL applications or transformation into modern Java applications using the free, open source Quick Web-based Interactive COBOL Services (QWICS) - on the mainframe under Linux, in the cloud or on other platforms.
#13 B2B 2014 big xyt
Independent, flexible and customizable smart data and analytics solutions for the global trading and investment community.
#14 B2C 2017 prepmymeal
Liefert individuell gestaltbare Gerichte direkt nach Hause oder an den Arbeitsplatz.
#15 B2B 2015 billwerk
A complete solution for subscription management. The platform automates recurring business processes.
#16 B2B 2014 creditshelf
Creditshelf - we redesign SME financing!
#17 B2C 2018 justTRADE
Online broker with free securities trading.
#18 B2B 2019 MILEPAY
Payment integration and currency exchange services for tourists and travel agencies in Europe.
#19 B2B2C 2020 MyApplause
Zuschauer können bei online Events ihre Begeisterung live über die App mitteilen.
#20 B2B 2014 tyntyn
Rental and distribution of photo and video modules for events.
#21 B2B 2017 CAPTIQ
End-to-end digital lending platform for regulated professions like doctors, lawyers, architects.
#22 B2C 2017 Energiespeicher-Online
Platform for the private and commercial energy transition
#23 B2B2C 2015 Legalhead
Providing of a job and recruitment platform especially for lawyers.
#24 B2B 2014 2VizCon
Global AI-driven employee productivity software platform
#25 B2B 2016 transaction factory
We bring all our know-how and expertise in the banking, stock exchange and financial services markets to bear in advising and supporting our clients.
#26 B2B 2008 DERICON
Structuring of financial products by means of web-based applications.
#27 B2B2C 2014 Spring Street
Real estate investment platform for sophisticated investors as well as experienced real estate developers and portfolio holders.
#28 B2C 2018 Blocksize Capital
Platform for analysis, management and trading of cryptocurrencies.
#29 B2B 2018 JoS QUANTUM
Delivering high-performance software and algorithms to enable the next technology revolution.
#30 B2B 2017 CreditLinks
Platform for companies, lenders and advisors in relation to corporate finance.
#31 B2B 2018 nevaal
Software for setting up networks to visualize the information within the company connections and those of the employees.
#32 B2B 2019 TRAXPAY
Online platform for supplier financing with a multi-bank approach.
#33 B2B2C 2016 Blockchain Helix
Providing a digital blockchain-based identity solution for individuals and businesses.
#34 B2B2C 2017 CCEX
Enabling trading of cloud computing resources, e.g. IaaS, PaaS, etc., similar to traditional commodities such as crude oil, gas, electricity, etc., through existing exchanges.
#35 B2C 2014 Giromatch
Giromatch is an API credit platform that maps the innovation process for banks outside their core banking systems.
#36 B2B 2018 October Deutschland
Financing platform for small and medium-sized enterprises and individual and institutional lenders.
#37 B2B 2006 ACARDA
RegTech company specializing in SaaS solutions for private and mutual fund reporting.
#38 B2C 2015 VisualVest
Digital wealth management solution.
#39 B2B 2017 DCCP Deutsche Credit
Credit intermediation for the European SME sector.
#40 B2B CrowdDesk
Funding as a service - for start-ups with limited capital requirements, for companies that want to grow, for issuers with large capital requirements.
#41 B2B 2015 Fincite
Hybrid robo advice, portfolio analysis or financial home
#42 B2B 2021 bio.logis
Automatisierte Interpretation, Auswertung und Bereitstellung von genetischen Daten.

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