München ist die Hauptstadt und bevölkerungsreichste Stadt Bayerns. Mit rund 1,5 Millionen Einwohnern ist sie nach Berlin und Hamburg die drittgrößte Stadt Deutschlands und die zwölftgrößte Stadt in der Europäischen Union.

Startup News
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Startup Charts
Based on monthly employee growth in April 2021

#1 B2C 2011 Westwing
Online shop for home and living items.
#2 B2B 2011 Celonis
Turn data into value with process mining.
#3 B2B 2014 personio
HR software solution that includes human resources, recruiting and payroll and supports all core HR processes.
#4 B2C 1999 zooplus
Online retailer of pet supplies.
#5 B2B2C 2015 Jeffrey
Platform for the booking of housekeeping services.
#6 B2C 2017 Roadsurfer
Platform for the rental of campervans.
#7 B2B2C 2000 PAYBACK
Multi-loyalty program and multi-channel marketing platform.
#8 B2C 2019 everdrop
Development and production of sustainable cleaning agents in the form of tabs and sustainable detergents, which can be individually adapted to the regional water hardness.
#9 B2C 2014 Scalable Capital
Digital asset advisor that creates and monitors customized and globally diversified ETF portfolios for clients.
#10 B2B 2006 commercetools
Cloud-based e-commerce technology, which is used to map trading models and connect business processes.
#11 B2B 2013 Global Savings Group
Commerce content platform for consumer rewards, cashback, shopping information and savings opportunities.
#12 B2B 2015 Userlane
Make life easier for employees and customers. With a solution that makes any software self-explanatory.
#13 B2B2C 2016 Yoummday
Online platform for communication talents to help, advise and persuade people.
#14 B2C 2016 Sono Motors
Developing and building an electric car that is suitable for daily use, with integrated solar cells and mobility services.
#15 B2C 2014 Holidu
Search engine for vacation rentals from all over the world.
#16 B2B 2016 Recup
Brands of reCup GmbH. Innovative and sustainable returnable deposit system for Coffee-To-Go cups and Take-away bowls.
#17 B2B 2016 Alphapet
Multi-brand platform with innovative distribution model for high-quality and healthy pet food.
#18 B2B 2009 The Mobility House
Integration of vehicle batteries into the power grid through intelligent charging and energy solutions.
#19 B2B 2017 Agrando
An online platform for farmers, agricultural traders and manufacturers, which digitizes the trade of agricultural resources.
#20 B2B2C 2007 jameda
Online health portal with services geared to the needs of patients and doctors to provide them with added value.
#21 B2B 2020 deepc
Machine learning software to tap into big data and solve challenges in health diagnostics.
#22 B2B 2014 IDnow
Digital Identity-as-a-Service platform based on machine-learning technology to verify identities in real time.
#23 B2C 2014 Promipool
Celebrity news portal and print magazine.
#24 B2B2C 2007 Nfon
Offers business communication solutions.
#25 B2B 2018 Capmo
App-based project management software for the construction and real estate industry.
#26 B2C 2019 SHARE NOW
A car sharing provider.
#27 B2B 2016 Planerio
Software for automatic duty scheduling, employee management, digital time tracking, payroll and absence management.
#28 B2B 2017 Usercentrics
Usercentrics is one the market leaders in the area of enterprise consent management platforms (CMP).
#29 B2B2C 2019 auteon
Platform for the automotive aftermarket.
#30 B2B2C 2014 catchys
Meta search engine that collects high quality second hand clothing on one platform.
#31 B2C 2018 air up
Development of a drinking bottle system that gives water flavour only through scent.
#32 B2B 2018 IQM
Quantum hardware in superconducting circuits.
#33 B2C 2009 AZUBIYO
Search platform for apprenticeships with free career choice test.
#34 B2B 2015 parcelLab
A cloud solution for smart monitoring and targeted customer communication during the delivery process in e-commerce.
#35 B2B 2016 e-bot7
Integrate artificial intelligence into your organization with our all-in-one artificial intelligence solution.
#36 B2B2C 2016 etherisc
Decentralized Insurance Protocol to collectively build risk transfer solutions.
#37 B2C 2018 Wellster Healthtech Group
Healthtech startup aiming to digitize the healthcare sector.
#38 B2C 2017 StudySmarter
Learning app for study and school.
#39 B2B 2016 Enmacc
A digital, OTC energy trading platform which digitizes the end-to-end professional energy trading process.
#40 B2B 2016 apaleo
Versatile property management (PMS) platform that connects and integrates tools to manage hotel inventory, reservations, rates, accounting, invoicing, payments and more.
#41 B2B2C 2019 finn.auto
Subscription-based mobility solution with a focus on sustainability and flexibility.
We build a platform to manage and optimize manual work in factories.
#43 B2B 2013 AssetMetrix
Asset servicer that offers modular outsourcing solutions for private capital investors.
#44 B2B 2008 Stylight
Aggregation platform for fashion and lifestyle industry products.
#45 B2B 2018 craftguide
Mobile & virtual reality tutorials for craftmanship.
#46 B2B 2019 everstox
Technology platform that enables scalable and data-driven fulfillment across Europe through a network of qualified warehousing & fulfillment partners.
#47 B2B 2010 Veact
Develops applications, processes and products to increase sales success in the automotive trade through data-based marketing.
#48 B2B 2015 Ory
Open source identity infrastructure software and services.
#49 B2B 2012 Finanzchef24
Online comparison platform for commercial insurance.
#50 B2B 2013 Carsync
Solution provider for telematics, vehicle digitalization, fleet management and corporate mobility, offering digital logbook for company car drivers.
#51 B2B 2017 Kumovis
3D printing of medical and medical technology products.
#52 B2B 2013 trbo
Onsite personalization platform to address customers individually, personally and in real time.
#53 B2C 2015 &ever
Indoor vertical farming company, producing greens with zero pesticides.
#54 B2B 2019 presize.ai
Software solution that uses AI algorithms to determine the perfect dress size.
#55 B2B 2012 riskmethods
AI-based software to identify, assess and mitigate supply chain risks.
#56 B2B 2018 Orora Technologies
Development of a nanosatellite constellation to monitor wildfire risks and assess wildfire damage.
#57 B2C 2017 Cluno
All-in-one car rental subscription for a monthly fee.
#58 B2B 2017 wealthpilot
Asset management software for advisors, asset managers and banks.
#59 B2B 2016 Hawa Dawa
Manufactures and develops air quality monitoring systems by crowd-sourcing data on an ineractive and realtime city map.
#60 B2C 2016 Temedica
Develops indication-specific digital products for use in acute care and health promotion.
#61 B2B 2021 Hyperganic Group
Software to design objects that are as complex, functional, elegant and sustainable as in nature.
#62 B2B 2018 Alasco
Software for project financing of construction and real estate projects.
#63 B2B 2012 Simscale
Simulation software reinvented for the web.
#64 B2B 2015 KEYOU
Solutions for the use of hydrogen as a fuel by retrofitting truck engines.
#65 B2B 2012 ecosio
Full service provider for electronic invoices, data exchange and supplier relationship management.
#66 B2B 2019 PYLOT
Focuses on the remote control of autonomous vehicles.
#67 B2B 2015 HRinstruments
Cloud-based feedback instrument for personnel, team, organizational and strategic development.
#68 B2B2C 2018 shape me
Online shop for shapewear fashion.
#69 B2B 2008 ExB
AI and ML driven platform that allows insurance companies to convert unstructured text into actionable information for input management and process automation.
#70 B2B 2019 Twostay
Coworking spaces in restaurants and bars while they are closed.
#71 B2B 2019 Ciara
Ciara is your all-in-one conversation assistant, guiding you through conversations so that you can get back to what you do best – closing deals.
#72 B2B 2017 StoryBox
Video cloud for creating, managing and streaming video for business.
#73 B2B 2016 Fun With Balls
Combining sporting and fitness activity with digital games.
#74 B2C 2013 Agrilution
Vertical farming technology solution consisting of a smart kitchen appliance, proprietary seed consumables and an app.
#75 B2B 2011 crossvertise
Booking solution for all types of advertising, where companies can easily find media, compare them transparently and book them directly.
#76 B2B 2017 Workpath
Workpath is a software provider enabling fast and flexible strategy execution with OKRs.
#77 B2B 2012 Ryte
SaaS that enables businesses and agencies to optimize their website.
#78 B2C 2015 Plitch
Trainer software for single player PC gaming to support player performance.
#79 B2C 2013 Agrilution
Smart Vertical Farming System to bring fresh, nutritious and sustainable herbs & salads right into your kitchen.
#80 B2B 2020 AWAKE Mobility
Platform that analyzes and predicts bus failures to reduce maintenance costs.
#81 B2B 2019 Peter Park
Digitalize your parking lot.
#82 B2B2C 2017 popularc
Internet portal for architecture and house building competitions in German-speaking countries.
#83 B2C 2018 bravobike
Purchase and sale of high-quality bikes and eBikes.
#84 B2B 2018 Remberg
Digitization of the service of industrial machinery and equipment with a software category, the asset relationship management system for manufacturers, service partners and operators.
#85 B2B 2017 Luminovo
Helps companies to develop customized software solutions by artificial intelligence.
#86 B2C 2015 VEGDOG
Vegan Dog Food.
#87 B2B 2021 Hyperganic Group
Software to design objects that are as complex, functional, elegant and sustainable as in nature.
#88 B2B 2012 Shore
Software for appointment and customer management with own app, as well as integrations like Google Ads and Instagram.
#89 B2B 2019 Mindfuel
Mindfuel is a data product design studio that helps transform data science initiatives into successful data products.
#90 B2C 2017 YFood
Development and distribution of bars, drinks and powder that provide a complete and nutritious meal.
#91 B2B 2017 Matmatch
An online platform that helps to find, evaluate and source materials.
#92 B2B 2000 Mercateo Deutschland
Procurement platform for business customers.
#93 B2B 2019 skalex
White label cryptocurrency exchange platforms.
#94 B2B2C 2005 Shirtinator
Individual printing of textiles and accessories.
#95 B2B 2017 Freework
Building a freelancer management system to search, hire, onboard, manage and pay freelancers and contractors. ⠀
#96 B2C 2016 JobNinja
The Pay-per-Application Job Board!
#97 B2C 2016 HappyBrush
Manufacture and distribution of electric toothbrushes & accessories.
#98 B2C 2019 CULT Fitness
Digital live group fitness classes and online workouts with live trainers plus repetition counting and movement correction.
#99 B2B 2017 GoodIP
Platform-based service company for digital technologies.
#100 B2B 2021 Urbanistic
Digitalisierungstool für die Stadtplanung, z.B. für Potentialanalysen, Beschleunigung von Verwaltungsabläufen und die Überprüfung der Umsetzbarkeit von Entscheidungen.

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