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Based on monthly employee growth in September 2021

#1 B2B 2017 brytes
Analyzing online consumer behavior by tracking their body language.
#2 B2B 2009 Next Kraftwerke
Networking of decentralized renewable energy plants, electricity storage and industrial electricity consumers to form a virtual power plant.
#3 B2B2C 2020 DynAmaze
Vermittlung von Freizeitaktivitäten mit dynamischer Preisgestaltung.
#4 B2B 2010 rockethome
Digital IoT service platform for connected living and working.
#5 B2B 2018 ENLYZE
Optimization of technical plants, machines utilization and processes for industrial companies.
#6 B2C 2015 KLARHEIT
Distribution of tools - such as a calendar and a journal, which help to motivate and achieve one's goals.
#7 B2B 2013 TalentsConnect
Talents Connect empowers Chief People Officers, like SAP enlightens CFOs and Salesforce pushes CSOs.
#8 B2B 2014 Brick Spaces
Platform-based mediation of space for pop-up stores.
#9 B2B 2019 HANDWERK innovativ
Providing a platform for the craftsman industry to exchange information and innovations.
#10 B2B 2012 BetterDoc
We build the leading physician matching system based on quality/outcome data to help patients to get to the right doctor
#11 B2C 2014 nextmarkets
Helps private investors to operate more successfully on the stock exchange.
#12 B2B 2019 Lumoview Building Analytics
We want to become the one-stop shop for rapid, clear and objective analyses of existing buildings.
#13 B2B 2018 Odilia
Independent investment market combining qualified and institutional investors with first-class private market transactions.
#14 B2B 2016 venITure
IT- und Softwarelösungen für Projektmanagement, Steuerung der Geschäftsprozesse und Umsetzung von App-Ideen.
#15 B2C 2016 Mealmatch
Online platform to connect people for a shared meal.
#16 B2B 2018 goFLUX
goFlux is the simplest app for carpooling ever. With goFLUX you can reduce your CO2 emissions, save money and take the pressure off the roads.
#17 B2B 2019 VYTAL
Providing a sustainable and intelligent Packaging-as-a-Service solution for take-away food.
#18 B2B 2012 moneymeets
Digital support for banks, insurance companies and financial service providers in their private customer business.
#19 B2B 2018 Naix Technology
Automatically anonymizes or pseudonymizes selected entities in documents using AI.
#20 B2B 2014 rankingCoach
Online marketing app for small business to improve their digital marketing performance and listings.
#21 B2B 2015 credX
Digital marketplace for debt capital where borrowers can meet professional investors.
#22 B2B 2011 Userlike
Offers a live chat software solution for web and messenger support.
#23 B2B 2018 tradingtwins
Gewerbliche Anschaffungen in Minuten
#24 B2C 2010 FOND OF
Ergonomic, sustainable school bags with special and individual designs up to the daily companion for the office.
#25 B2B 2011 AYOXXA Biosystems
Research in translational proteomics with a focus on diagnostics and therapeutics.
#26 B2C 2016 WaschMal
Mobile laundry service, bookable via web or smartphone.
#27 B2B 2009 GreenPocket
Energy management and visualization software to help utilities and enterprise customers realize value from smart meter data.

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