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Based on monthly employee growth in April 2021

#1 B2C 2010 FOND OF
Ergonomic, sustainable school bags with special and individual designs up to the daily companion for the office.
#2 B2B2C 2009 DeepL
Deep learning company that develops AI systems for languages and communication.
#3 B2B 2018 SoSafe
Corporate training platform for employees to recognize cyber attacks and raise security.
#4 B2C 2008 Studitemps
Digital platform for flexible working for students, graduates and young professionals.
#5 B2C 2011 Eyeo
Producer of browser plugins for data protection (e.g. AdblockPlus)
#6 B2B 2017 e.pilot
eCommerce cloud for energy providers that maps end-to-end processes and offers marketing tools.
#7 B2B 2011 Userlike
Offers a live chat software solution for web and messenger support.
#8 B2B 2009 Next Kraftwerke
Networking of decentralized renewable energy plants, electricity storage and industrial electricity consumers to form a virtual power plant.
#9 B2B 2018 buynomics
Software solutions to optimize pricing.
#10 B2B 2016 venITure
IT- und Softwarelösungen für Projektmanagement, Steuerung der Geschäftsprozesse und Umsetzung von App-Ideen.
#11 B2B 2013 TalentsConnect
Talents Connect empowers Chief People Officers, like SAP enlightens CFOs and Salesforce pushes CSOs.
#12 B2B 2018 Naix Technology
Automatically anonymizes or pseudonymizes selected entities in documents using AI.
#13 B2C 2008 ZooRoyal
Online shop for pet supplies & pet food.
#14 B2B 2017 EINHUNDERT Energie
Service provider for green and digital energy supply for tenants and entrepreneurs.
#15 B2B 2009 GreenPocket
Energy management and visualization software to help utilities and enterprise customers realize value from smart meter data.
#16 B2C 2014 nextmarkets
Helps private investors to operate more successfully on the stock exchange.
#17 B2C 2021 baoo
Search engine for local retail products.
#18 B2B2C 2020 DynAmaze
Vermittlung von Freizeitaktivitäten mit dynamischer Preisgestaltung.
#19 B2B 2020 TwoReach
Marketing consulting for sponsoring in the esport business.
#20 B2B2C 2015 Radbonus
Belohnungsprogramm fürs Radfahren worüber die Nutzer finanzielle Prämien von Krankenversicherungen, Arbeitgebern und von E-Shops bekommen.
#21 B2B 2018 UNBIND
Analyze point-of-sale data from the restaurant industry to generate insights for the food industry.
#22 B2B 2015 shareDnC
Online platform for the flexible leasing of office space.
#23 B2B 2010 rockethome
Digital IoT service platform for connected living and working.
#24 B2B 2019 DigitalHealth Technology
Offering various services for the health sector like VR development, digital twins and telemedicine.
#25 B2B 2009 Grandcentrix
Grandcentrix is an IoT and smart solution provider.
#26 B2B 2014 ubirch
Makes IoT Data trustworthy by using robust cryptography and anchoring data into several public blockchains.
#27 B2B 2019 VYTAL
Providing a sustainable and intelligent Packaging-as-a-Service solution for take-away food.
#28 B2B 2017 sustainabill
Cloud platform enabling industrial companies to manage their supply chain sustainability.
#29 B2C 2014 GOKIXX
App platform for junior football players with coaching function.
#30 B2B 2016 Cannamedical® Pharma
Using cannabis as a medicinal plant - we are the pioneer in europe
#31 B2B 2018 tridion benefits
Managing Corporate Benefits
#32 B2B 2018 goFLUX
goFlux is the simplest app for carpooling ever. With goFLUX you can reduce your CO2 emissions, save money and take the pressure off the roads.
#33 B2B 2015 World of VR
Conception and development of various VR/AR/XR applications in business and consumer environments.
#34 B2B 2018 Roamlike
Platform for the procurement of free equipment and gifts for holiday homes in order to promote the exhibited products and to beautify holiday homes.
#35 B2B 2016 Rimasys
Rimasys offers a novel approach to surgical education and research and development in medical technology.
#36 B2B 2020 DeepSkill
Education and training platform for digital transformation.
#37 B2B 2019 Lumoview Building Analytics
We want to become the one-stop shop for rapid, clear and objective analyses of existing buildings.
#38 B2B 2012 4Stop
Global know-your-customer, compliance and anti-fraud risk management company with anti-fraud technology allowing for real-time intelligence and data aggregation.
#39 C2C 2020 Felix Medicus
Job platform for the placement of assistant doctors.
#40 B2B 2020 Sastrify
Virtual Software-as-a-Service procurement service that helps companies optimize their SaaS tools.
#41 B2B 2017 envelio
Software developer for the digital transformation of energy grids.
#42 B2B 2017 1nce
A provider of Tier-1 managed connectivity services for IoT solutions.
#43 B2B 2020 Catch Talents
Recruiting solution for applicant approach and selection for medium-sized companies.
#44 B2C 2015 KLARHEIT
Distribution of tools - such as a calendar and a journal, which help to motivate and achieve one's goals.
#45 B2B2C 2017 Durst
Drink delivery to your home via app or online store.
#46 B2C 2016 WaschMal
Mobile laundry service, bookable via web or smartphone.
#47 B2B 2016 PBM Personal Business Machine
InsureTech engine for highly personalized customer communication by digitizing processes based on an encrypted infrastructure.
#48 B2C 2017 True Popcorn
first Mini-Popcorn from Amish heirloom corn in Europe - Popcorn without hard shells and natural, intensive popcorn taste.
#49 C2C 2012 ampido
A parking lot finder, where owners of driveways, garages or parking spaces can rent their parking lot on a short-term or long-term basis.
#50 B2C 2020 Compounder
Online platform for university applications.
#51 B2B 2014 plentyLeads
Smart combination of digital marketing (social media & online advertising) strategies for small and medium businesses (SME)
#52 B2B 2014 evopark
Provider of digital parking solutions.
#53 B2B 2020 digiblue
Offering IoT-solutions in the field of monitoring and tracking.
#54 B2B 2015 Spacebase
An international booking platform for meeting rooms and event locations.
#55 B2B 2015 hijob
AI-based recruiting system allowing companies to find only targeted and best-fit candidates.
#56 B2B 2018 ENLYZE
Optimization of technical plants, machines utilization and processes for industrial companies.
#57 B2C 2017 MOVR
Development of a VR experience enhanced by AI-based voice recognition.
#58 B2B 2011 Essential Grid
Offering WordPress gallery plug-ins for instagram, youtube and other posts.
#59 B2B2C 2017 Recrudo
Online job exchange for students, graduates and young professionals.
#60 B2C 2012 Golf Post
Online portal for golf sports.
#61 B2B 2020 Audoora
Digitizing B2B marketing, procurement, data management and finance for the craftsman industry.
#62 B2B 2015 Coursepath LMS
Coursepath is your LMS platform to train employees and partners faster, revise courses quickly and stay flexible in training goals and groups
#63 B2B 2014 StormForger
Automatisiertes Tool für DevOpsTeams zur Leistungsbewertung von Systemen.
#64 B2B 2009 YOOCHOOSE
Personalization solution to help online retailers offer their customers high-quality, personalized product recommendations in real time.
#65 B2B 2020 Twentyfour
Claims adjuster network for insurance companies.
#66 B2B 2015 RISE
Platform for service communication during machine commissioning and maintenance.
#67 B2C 2020 DIE RINGE Bodyworkout
Selling gym rings online and providing an app for related training.
#68 B2B 2020 Consupa
Comparison platform for cleaning services.
#69 B2B2C 2009 COUPIES
Mobile supermarket coupon platform.
#70 B2B 2018 DigitalTwin Technology
Creating digital twins of construction sites and smart cities.
#71 B2B 2020 Videobesuch
Providing a platform for seniors in care facilities to video chat with their family during social distancing.
#72 B2B 2018 netSTART
Technical and content-related support of e-business projects by means of keynotes, lectures, moderations, seminars, workshops and further training courses.
#73 B2B 2020 VATION
Tech-enabled health coaching by humans.
#74 B2C 2017 medzapp
One single platform in healthcare industry for the communication between doctors and patients. Saves time for patients, doctors and the practice managemnet team.
#75 B2B 2019 Autlay
"Software as a Service" provider for automated document layout.
#76 B2B 2011 PlagScan
Plagiarism checking software used by institutions to automatically ensure the authenticity of documents.
#77 B2C 2020 NUX
An online shop offering luxury goods without labels.
#78 B2B 2019 DataMedis
Healthcare data analysis software to optimize revenues in inpatient billing.
#79 B2C 2013 Sunlight Games
Game developer for mobile devices and PCs for online and offline games.
#80 B2C 2020 DL Remote
Placement platform of remote jobs in the IT sector.
#81 B2B 2020 Mooncamp
The all-in-one culture platform to develop engaged, high-performing, and agile teams.
#82 B2B 2016 UVIS UV-Innovative Solutions
Development and production of hygiene technologies with specialization in UVC products for disinfection of public spaces.
#83 B2C 2014 Einmalige Erlebnisse
Offering various experiences for booking like quad tours, cooking courses and dinner shows.
#84 B2B 2013 trimplement
White-label cryptocurrency exchange and online payment solution for commercial customers.
#85 B2C 2018 flexini
We are the leading platform for people interested in cycling or looking for a bicycle retailer.
#86 B2B sedeo
Die digitale Desk Sharing Lösung für Ihr Büro.
#87 B2B 2017 S&S Digital
Story&Story is a digital agency for online marketing, web development and web design.
#88 B2C 2020 uma
Health app for more security, orientation and personal control during pregnancy.
#89 B2B2C 2017 FOX'em Crowdsourcing
Crowdsourcing platform to generate ideas for companies.
#90 B2B2C 2017 Snapbus
Comparison portal and booking service for coach hire with driver in the region.
#91 B2C 2020 Oh Honey!
A refreshing iced tea that protects bees in Germany with every bottle. Natural ingredients in 100% organic quality. That's Oh, Honey!
#92 B2B 2014 Crowdfox
Develops and operates comparison portals for corporations, business customers and private conumsers.
#93 B2B 2018 Tanzguru
Online Plattform for dance classes
#94 B2B 2013 pixolus
Do not type, just scan! Mobile computer vision solutions for data capturing and image recognition.
#95 B2B 2014 fragPaul
Personnel management tool for time recording, shift planning, vacation planning and payroll accounting.
#96 B2B 2018 tradingtwins
Gewerbliche Anschaffungen in Minuten
#97 B2B2C 2020 schubidoo
Online-Marktplatz, der Tierdienste und Tierbesitzer zusammenbringt.
#98 B2B 2012 BetterDoc
We build the leading physician matching system based on quality/outcome data to help patients to get to the right doctor
#99 B2C 2016 goedle.io
Generating insights into customer data and user behavior by predicting churn, conversion, and other KPIs.
#100 B2B 2018 mecorad
Digitization solutions for producers of hot-rolled steel and metals using radar technology and AI.

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