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Interviews "We have 100 million addressable users". The mobility start-up Ryd is focusing on cooperation instead of going it alone. In an interview, CEO Sandra Dax talks about the plans.
Interviews Startup of the month "The natural cosmetics market is booming!" Vegan, sustainable, plastic-free - many products now bear these labels. But how do you assert yourself in the highly competitive market of natural cosmetics? Sandra von Seeherr reveals this in an interview.
Interviews "We've been going in the wrong direction for three years". Robin Sudermann has made a pivot with his start-up talentsconnect. How that went and why he decided against a new start without ballast, he tells in the interview.
Interviews Five questions for Hartmut Ruh: How Körber finds its start-ups The man responsible for M&A and venture capital at the billion-dollar Körber Group reveals his secrets and no-go's when it comes to start-up collaborations.
Interviews "The way the fashion industry is working right now, it can't be allowed to stay" The start-up Retraced from Düsseldorf helps fashion companies to record and disclose their supply chains in detail. Conventional brands are also increasingly interested in transparency, the two founders explain in an...
Interviews Sponsored RISO #FintechPortraits Employee benefits that directly increase the net salary. The Baden-Württemberg start-up Riso shows how this can be done.
Interviews Startup of the month These three founders, fresh out of college, want to revolutionize retail. Three founders fresh out of college want to revolutionize retail.
Interviews "Teams should take creative liberties". Johannes von Hoyos wants to bring people together to work in a resort. How is that supposed to work?
Interviews "Basically, we've digitized the clipboard". With Smapone, apps can be built without any prior programming knowledge. After his completed financing round, founder Sven Zuschlag tells us in an interview what he plans to do with the money and what's next for his...
Interviews Sponsored Kontist #FintechPortraits The Berlin-based start-up offers a business account specifically for the self-employed.

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