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Interviews "Spacs, to me, are the sign of a completely overheated market" The start-up world is in Spacs fever. Why founder Nils Seebach would rather ban them altogether, he explains in an interview.
Interviews Startup of the month Aivy The HR startup wants to make personnel selection more non-discriminatory and has developed a game-based testing procedure for applicants to this end.
Interviews "We do first and talk later" Merantix has created an AI campus in Berlin for a lot of money. Adrian Locher tells us in an interview how it came about, what advantages the campus has and why they are going their very own way with their company...
Interviews "I'm an alpha" Hillevi Lausten, COO at DCMN, and Anna Michel, multiple founder and partner at scale up, are jointly involved in the scale up Women initiative for more equality in the workplace and in society. The initiative involves...
Interviews "We should keep quiet about the fact that we're married." Women found start-ups significantly less often than men. If it's even a start-up from the tech scene, their share decreases even further. Stefanie Langner took this step anyway and has not regretted it.
Interviews "It's about creating an atmosphere where we don't compare based on gender" Janine Sundermeier and Franziska Mattner on diversity in the start-up environment, VC capital for female founders and political measures for more equality.
Interviews "I want to give female founders the opportunity to access capital" Entrepreneur Tijen Onaran wants to raise money with a new VC fund specifically for female founders. She explains in an interview how this is going so far, why she thinks the fund is necessary and what this has to do...
Interviews "The environment doesn't necessarily make it easier for mothers" Margarete Koch talks to us about being a mother.
Interviews Startup of the month Ovy If you come up with a plan B, plan A won't work.
Interviews "Investors lack expertise" Invest a small sum in a start-up and perhaps profit from the next Google or Facebook: This is what users of crowdinvesting platforms dream of. 100 million euros have flowed into this form of financing in Germany alone...

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