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Interviews "Startups generally don't die of thirst, they drown" Start-ups want to serve all customers. Christoph Rößner from Laserhub explains why that's nonsense.
Interviews Sponsored Beyond Saving #FintechPortraits Making financial education accessible to everyone? That is the goal of Beyond Saving. The start-up approaches the topic of finance simply, understandably and digitally.
Interviews "Driving people into this gambling is dangerous". Digital expert Alexander Braun talks about the regulatory cudgels against neobrokers, why refunds are not the problem and what he recommends to fintechs who want to build a sustainable business model.
Interviews Knowledge "I don't want to be led around by the nose" As someone who has been a part of the VC world for a long time, Holger Witte has experienced quite a few things. In this interview, he explains what makes a good pitch these days - and what founders should rather not...
Interviews "We want to serve 400 million people" Kowry Energy founder Ndiarka Mbodji explains how her start-up manages projects in southern Africa from thousands of kilometres away and the importance of local partners.
Interviews Sponsored Bavest #FintechPortraits Securities analysis using artificial intelligence - the two founders of bavest show how it works.
Interviews Knowledge "We too make mistakes in initial selection". Christian Hoppe is co-managing director of Silicon Valley Bank, which specialises in start-up financing. In the interview, he talks about overvalued fintechs, why sometimes a beer mat is enough for the presentation...
Interviews Startup of the month Finance baby! ETFs, shares, pension provision - for many people, these are topics that you have heard of before, but you don't really know what they are all about. The two founders of the Stuttgart-based start-up finance baby! now...
Interviews Knowledge "Founders who do everything themselves are just wasting valuable time" HQLabs boss Tobias Hagenau has built a start-up within a start-up. He explains in an interview how this works and where pitfalls lurk.
Interviews Knowledge "Anyone can do a glossy pitch deck, it's not an art anymore". The accounting start-up sevDesk has raised 50 million euros from investors. Here, CEO Fabian Silberer talks for the first time about how to land a US investor, why he no longer has to pitch, and gives tips on how...

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