One million euros for water filter start-up

Klar2O is dedicated to filtering water from nano- and microplastics. The FMC from Bremen already participated with over 100,000 euros and promises an investment in seven figures.

There are also microplastics in water from the tap, the WHO found in 2019. The start-up Klar2O is dedicated to filtering not only microplastics but also nanoplastics through inter- and intramolecular forces that act on the plastic and hold it in place while the clean water continues to flow. Bremen-based FMC Beteiligungs KG sees potential in this technology and has already invested 110,000 euros in the start-up. Once Klar2O's third prototype is ready, FMC plans to invest as much as one million euros.

Fähzan Ahmad founded Klar2O in 2019 while studying at Saarland University. The effectiveness of his filters have already been confirmed by an independent testing body, and when the third prototype is certified, series production is to start. Ahmad has already won a pilot customer: A water bottler who sells his bottles to supermarkets. The name is still unknown.

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