Expertlead receives 9.5 million euros

In a current financing round, the Berlin HR start-up Expertlead raises 9.5 million euros. In addition to Acton Capital Partners, Rocket Internet and Kreos Capital are also investors.

HR start-up Expertlead raises €9.5 million in a recent financing round. The round is led by Acton Capital Partners, with existing investors SEEK and Rocket Internet joining in. The latter founded the start-up. Kreos Capital is a new addition. Expertlead wants to put the money into expanding the technology and the team, and it also wants to build its own SaaS business in the long term.

"The trust of the existing investors and the newly acquired investor Kreos Capital encourages us in our plan to become the global market leader in IT recruiting and to make our selection process the global standard in tech recruiting," says co-founder Alexander Schlomberg about the financing round. He co-founded the Berlin-based startup with Arne Hosemann in 2018. Expertlead's platform helps recruit tech freelancers, and the startup relies on a combination of AI and opinion from the tech community to evaluate talent.

In addition to finding freelancers, companies can also have the startup assess the technical qualifications of their applicants. Customers include corporations like Daimler, Lufthansa and McKinsey, but startups like Cluno, Trade Republic and Klarna also rely on Expertlead.

New investor Kreos sees great potential in the Berlin-based company: "We are convinced that Expertlead's synergy of smart technology and an engaged community is the right approach to win the battle for sought-after IT talent," says Melissa Donohoe of Kreos Capital.

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