Packwise closes Pre-Series A funding round

The Dresden-based start-up creates a digital twin to track goods. It has now raised a seven-figure sum for its idea.

The Dresden-based start-up Packwise has completed a successful pre-series A financing round and raised a seven-figure sum. Investors are Technologiegründerfonds Sachsen, early investor Hüttners "hoch drei" from Düsseldorf and Leipzig-based investment company Golzern Hoolding.

Packwise enables retailers from the chemical and food industry to control the transport of their goods and view data such as location, fill level or movement. To do this, it creates a digital twin of the industrial packaging. Users can access the processes via the Packwise platform.

"In addition to automating processes, such as reordering and ensuring product quality, the focus for many of our customers is to reinvent themselves in terms of customer service," says Gesche Weger, the CEO of the startup, which was founded in 2017.

The startup plans to put the newfound money into building its platform and growing in Europe. Packwise also wants to build new distribution partnerships and is preparing for a market launch in North America.

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