Paul Wolter becomes CEO of Boxxport

Most recently, he worked at the German Startups Association. Now he is to lead the container marketplace. The founders remain on board as consultants.

Paul Wolter has a new job. Effective immediately, he has joined Hamburg-based container specialist Boxxport as Managing Director. He takes over the position from founder Jan Frahnert. He will remain operationally active in the company until the end of the year. After that, Frahnert and co-founder Willem-Alexander Dous will remain on board as consultants.

Boxxport was originally created as a digitalisation project of the Lotus Containers Group, a company from the container services industry based near Hamburg. Conceived as a B2B marketplace for containers, the startup was spun off as a separate company before launching in July 2019. Since then, it has been independent and, according to its own statements, is growing steadily.

Wolter is expected to drive the start-up's growth in the future. Previously, Wolter was employed at the German Start-ups Association, where he started as a communications manager after his studies and most recently held the title of "Director Public Affairs and Communications".

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