Seven million euros for fish from the laboratory

The start-up Bluu Biosciences successfully closes its seed financing round. The backers include Manta Ray Ventures and Norrsken. The company was built by a company builder.

Why catch fish when you can grow them in the lab? Berlin-based biotech Bluu Biosciences is investigating this question and is able to attract investors for the idea just ten months after its founding. Seven million euros are given by the backers in the seed financing round, including well-known investors such as CPT Capital, Manta Ray Ventures, Norrsken or Be8.

The start-up was originally built by company builder EVIG, which is also based in Berlin. It specializes in developing biotech startups in the life sector, and says it works with scientists to do so.

Biotech Bluu Biosciences grows fish cells in a bioreactor. Unlike breeding or catching wild fish, growing them in a lab is said to grant animal welfare. The start-up sees further advantages of fish cultivated in this way in the potentially high nutritional value and the fact that there is no external pollution. In addition, the company says it is not dependent on there being a sea nearby and can therefore deliver within a short time even in regions far from the sea.

"Cell-based fish has the potential to feed a large portion of humanity. Our task is to rapidly operationalize the findings from biotechnological research in order to leverage this potential," explains co-managing director Sebastian Rakers.

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