Unstoppable Finance receives 4.5 million euros

The fintech wants to offer easy-to-use wallets for decentralized finance. The founders have now been able to attract prominent investors for their project.

Unstoppable Finance is a Berlin-based start-up that has set itself the task of making decentralized financial markets, known as DeFi, accessible to average investors around the world. In its seed round, the young company has now landed €4.5 million. Among the investors are prominent names such as Speedinvest, Inflection, Backed, Cadenza, Discovery Ventures, Fabric Ventures or Rockaway Blockchain Fund. There are also well-known business angels from the Ethereum/Polkadot ecosystem, Centrifuge and Fractal.

The DeFi space has grown into a trillion-dollar industry focused primarily on trading digital assets. Through so-called DeFi wallets, holders gain access to a whole new digital economy. Behind them are financial services, digital art and collectibles (NFTs), play-to-earn games and other decentralized products. Peter Grosskopf, CTO and co-founder of Unstoppable Finance, believes that DeFi wallets will be extremely important in the future: "We firmly believe that the super apps of tomorrow will be non-custodial DeFi wallets."

The problem with DeFi wallets at the moment, however, is that they're too complex - and as a result can't be used by everyone. Unstoppable Finance wants to change that: The startup wants to enable average investors to participate in the new decentralized economic world. It aims to do this by providing a one-stop shop for trading, high-yield savings, NFTs, and other Web3 services bundled into a mobile app.

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