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Detection, referencing and storage of the dental system as a license model. The method can be applied analogously and implemented ad hoc with any plaster model. The workflow can also be mapped solely digital.

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Denton Systems offers the first lifelong dental concept. The digital "freezing" of the entire dental system makes it possible to recreate the healthy initial dental system of a patient for the first time, independent of location, time and the remaining teeth. In this way long-term consequences of defect-oriented dentistry, such as CMD syndrome or visits of additional specialists can be avoided.


First lifelong dental concept (patented). Changes are detected early and predictions are possible, so that no long-term consequences arise in the first place.

Reduction of costs for patients of up to 80% as well as follow-up costs for health care providers.

New quality of dentures. With Denton your own teeth are always digitally available and dentures are no longer designed and manufactured freely. Patients get their own teeth as dental prostheses.

Fewer visits to the dentist - up to 2 visits to the dentist can be reduced during the manufacture of a prosthesis. This is an additional benefit for rural living or chronically ill patients. Doctors can treat more patients in the same time.

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Denton Systems

We stand for the further development of defect-oriented dentistry into a lifelong dental concept.
  • 2017
  • 1-10 Employees
  • Denton Systems GmbH
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  • Potsdam, DE