Product / Service Summary

TruPhysics AI is a hardware agnostic full-stack platform for smart robotics solutions.

Industrial & Basic Materials

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Various robotic manufacturers offer solutions for defined picking environments and specific placement locations. TruPhysics AI Platform is the enabling technology for smart robots to intelligently solving flexible tasks and handling known and unknown objects in an uncertain environment, e.g. picking products in warehouses or serve humans in home- & healthcare sector.


Highly reliable real-time physics simulation for grasping tasks

Highly scalable cloud infrastructure for enhanced learning of new haptic tasks

A method to combine machine learning based on synthetic and real training data sets

Unique protocol for real-time remote control of simulated and real robots

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TruPhysics develops an AI Platform which enables robots understand our world and support human in their daily tasks.
  • 2015
  • 1-10 Employees
  • TruPhysics GmbH
  • Handelsregister
  • Stuttgart, DE