Start-up everstox raises 20 million euros

The Munich-based company successfully closes its Series A financing round. The money is to be used to triple the size of the team. The main investor is Acton Capital.

The Munich-based start-up everstox has raised 20 million euros in a Series A financing round. With this, the logistics-as-a-service (LaaS) platform wants to both strengthen its operational presence and triple its team to 150 employees. The main investor Acton Capital as well as Capnamic Ventures, GFC and Flash Ventures have invested in the current financing round.

Everstox is a so-called logistics-as-a-service platform. Merchants are supposed to find the best shipping partner and the best storage option via the start-up's system. The start-up has identified fast-growing companies that are primarily active in e-commerce as its target group. They usually need flexible options for quickly ramping up their logistics capacities and coordinating them across Europe.

Customers include YFood, the nu company and the Berlin-based Razor Group. The latter earns its money by buying up Amazon's third-party partners and continuing to manage their brands. The faster the brands grow, the more logistics capacity the group needs. Felix Haberland, CTO and co-founder of everstox, believes that there is no lack of physical infrastructure. What is missing is easy access to all logistics solutions and technology that bundles control of all logistics activities. "Our LaaS solution offers a convincing answer to this," Haberland believes.

Haberland, Boris Bösch and Johannes Tress founded the start-up together in Munich in 2019. They have no shortage of visions for the future. Johannes Tress, CEO and co-founder of everstox outlines them like this: "In 2030, every third eCommerce order will be delivered to the right place at the right time with the help of everstox." The current 20-million-euro investment should help with this. With this, the start-up wants to triple its number of employees from 50 to 150 and double its operational network in Europe.

They were able to convince main investor Acton Capital with the Flixbus strategy: "Companies like FlixBus show that the asset-light combination of high-quality established companies with a modern technology platform is the best approach to mobilize an industry," says Julius Lühr, director at Acton Capital. "Everstox is the tech update that digitizes traditional warehouse logistics."

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