Bayern (Bavaria) is officially the Free State of Bavaria, is a landlocked federal state of Germany, occupying its southeastern corner. It's the largest German state by land area comprising roughly a fifth of the total land area of Germany.

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Startup Charts
Based on monthly employee growth in May 2021

#1 B2B2C 1999 CHECK24
A comparison portal that offers free comparisons in the areas of insurance, energy, finance, telecommunications, travel and shopping.
#2 B2B 2011 Celonis
Turn data into value with process mining.
#3 B2B2C 2014 ryd
Connected car platform with focus on ryd pay and ryd box. ryd pay is the largest cross-brand solution for mobile payment directly at the pump.
#4 B2C 2008 mybestbrands
Online store and mobile app-based platform for clothes and furniture.
#5 B2B 2014 personio
HR software solution that includes human resources, recruiting and payroll and supports all core HR processes.
#6 B2B 2017 BOTfriends
Software to simplify the creation of chatbots and language assistants.
#7 B2B2C 2015 Jeffrey
Platform for the booking of housekeeping services.
#8 B2C 2011 Westwing
Online shop for home and living items.
#9 C2C 2012 Testbirds
Crowdtesting platform for apps. Websites or IoT applications.
#10 B2C 2016 Sono Motors
Developing and building an electric car that is suitable for daily use, with integrated solar cells and mobility services.
#11 B2B 2018 Isar Aerospace
Developing next generation rockets for sustainable access to space for small and medium satellites and satellite constellations.
#12 B2B2C 2007 Nfon
Offers business communication solutions.
#13 B2B 2006 commercetools
Cloud-based e-commerce technology, which is used to map trading models and connect business processes.
#14 B2C 2014 Holidu
Search engine for vacation rentals from all over the world.
#15 B2B 2013 Global Savings Group
Commerce content platform for consumer rewards, cashback, shopping information and savings opportunities.
#16 B2C 2006
Online fashion store for women, men and children from a range of more than 200 luxury brands.
#17 B2B 2017 Usercentrics
Usercentrics is one the market leaders in the area of enterprise consent management platforms (CMP).
#18 B2C 2017 Roadsurfer
Platform for the rental of campervans.
#19 B2C 2018 air up
Development of a drinking bottle system that gives water flavour only through scent.
#20 B2B 2015 COMODULE
OEM supplier of connectivity and IoT technology focusing on vehicle manufacturers and component suppliers of bicycles, electric bikes and scooters.
#21 B2B 2015 Smart Reporting
Software for medical documentation and AI-supported reporting.
#22 B2B 2020 Kea
Offering modular self-programming robots.
#23 B2C 2017 StudySmarter
Learning app for study and school.
#24 B2B 2000 Mercateo Deutschland
Procurement platform for business customers.
#25 B2B 2011 Price f(x)
Pricing and pricing management software.
#26 B2B 2009 Mynaric
A manufacturer of laser communication technologies used to establish dynamic communication networks in the air and in space.
#27 B2B 2015 Lilium
On-demand air taxi service that is powered by an all-electric, vertical take-off and landing Lilium Jet.
#28 B2B 2014 Magazino
Develops mobile pick-and-place robots for warehouses.
#29 B2B 2020 Angsa Robotics
Development of an autonomous robot that recognizes even small pieces of garbage with the help of artificial intelligence.
#30 B2C 1999 zooplus
Online retailer of pet supplies.
#31 B2B 2019 Twostay
Coworking spaces in restaurants and bars while they are closed.
#32 B2C 2017 YFood
Development and distribution of bars, drinks and powder that provide a complete and nutritious meal.
#33 B2C 2019 everdrop
Development and production of sustainable cleaning agents in the form of tabs and sustainable detergents, which can be individually adapted to the regional water hardness.
#34 B2B 2015 parcelLab
A cloud solution for smart monitoring and targeted customer communication during the delivery process in e-commerce.
#35 B2B2C 2016 Yoummday
Online platform for communication talents to help, advise and persuade people.
#36 B2B 2019 Traversals Analytics and Intelligence
Make Data Speak Your Language - Data fusion for comprehensive transparency, security and a secure basis for decision-making.
#37 B2B 2015 scoutbee
An AI-based software solution that accelerates the supplier search and provides market information for more strategic purchasing.
#38 B2B 2008 xentral
ERP cloud software for business process representation and management.
#39 B2C 2015 &ever
Indoor vertical farming company, producing greens with zero pesticides.
#40 B2B 2015 KEYOU
Solutions for the use of hydrogen as a fuel by retrofitting truck engines.
#41 B2B 2012 Ryte
SaaS that enables businesses and agencies to optimize their website.
#42 B2B 2016 Synabi Business Solutions
Development and marketing of software solutions for the financial industry.
#43 B2B 2016 Recup
Brands of reCup GmbH. Innovative and sustainable returnable deposit system for Coffee-To-Go cups and Take-away bowls.
#44 B2B 2013 Hydrogenious LOHC Technologies
Developing a new technology for hydrogen storage in Liquid Organic Hydrogen Carriers (LOHC).
#45 B2C 2013 Freeletics
Application which offers hyper-personalized, AI-powered digital fitness coaching.
#46 B2B 2015 Quantum-Systems
5G drone development.
#47 B2B 2013 NavVis
Offering indoor spatial intelligence technology and enterprise solutions.
#48 B2C 2012 invisibobble
Development and production of beauty- and hairproducts, especially invisible hair bands.
#49 B2B 2013 Cobrainer
Software for the analysis and visualization of expertise within an organization.
#50 B2B 2018 aeroLiFi
Provider of solutions and systems in the field of LiFi (Light Fidelity) and VLC (Visual Light Communication) technology.
#51 B2B 2015 reINVENT
Project management software for construction projects.
#52 B2B 2011 Regiondo
A booking software made for tours and activity providers.
#53 B2B 2010 Team Internet
Self-service platform for monetizing and buying domain traffic.
#54 B2C 2010 KERNenergie
Online shop for fresh roasted nuts and nut mixes.
#55 B2C 2015 Simple Club
Learning portal for students & trainees.
#56 B2B 2017 wealthpilot
Asset management software for advisors, asset managers and banks.
#57 B2C 2017 Limehome
Digital hotel concept, which operates designer apartments with the quality standards of a four-star hotel but with no staff on-site.
#58 B2B 2015 Ory
Open source identity infrastructure software and services.
#59 B2B 2017 Apostera
An automotive software company that creates a software platform to assist the driver and the driving experience.
#60 B2B 2021 DeepScenario
Distribution of real-time road traffic data from a bird's eye view so that autonomous software can be trained.
#61 B2C 2017 Easy-Tutor
Online tutoring school for students.
#62 B2B 2017 confirado
Development, programming and distribution of configuration software.
#63 B2B 2012 ecosio
Full service provider for electronic invoices, data exchange and supplier relationship management.
#64 B2C 2019 iATROS
Health app with integrated electronic patient file, health tracker, and vital signs monitoring.
#65 B2B 2013 Soley
Soley offers a solution to optimize your product portfolio.
#66 B2B 2017 cioplenu
Work instructions and checklists for industry leaders. Create interactive instructions, solve incidents and drive continuous improvement.
#67 B2C 2007 mymuesli
Manufacturer and distributor of individual muesli preparations.
#68 B2B 2016 Arthur Technologies
Virtual Reality based virtual office space focussed on digital collaboration.
#69 B2B 2020 Snke OS
Software development for the medical technology industry through access to a universal operating system for surgeries.
#70 B2C 2019 CamperBoys
Platform for renting camping buses with integrated insurance and the possibility of CO2 compensation.
#71 B2B 2016 arculus
Developing a new production system to replace the assembly line designed by Henry Ford.
#72 B2B 2018 Codasip
Automates customization of RISC-V processors and toolchains.
#73 B2C 2007 InterNations
Platform-based international community for people living and working abroad.
#74 B2B 2014 leadtributor
Software that intelligently controls, monitors and reports the automatic distribution of leads to the sales partner.
#75 B2B 2010 German RepRap
Manufacturer of 3D printers and customized 3D printing solutions.
#76 B2B 2019 Mindfuel
Mindfuel is a data product design studio that helps transform data science initiatives into successful data products.
#77 B2C 2012 QPLIX
Asset management software for single and multi family offices, wealth managers, funds and other customer segments.
#78 B2B 2017 ROBOTISE
Development of solutions in the field of service automation for hospital, hotel and office logistics.
#79 B2B 2020 Electric Flytrain
Developing electric aircraft powertrains.
#80 B2C 2015 Mylivn
Mylivn is a social network for modern creative minds with multiple passions.
#81 B2B 2014 KONUX
Combining artificial intelligence with smart sensor solutions to help industrial companies unlock a new level of asset performance.
#82 B2B 2018 LOEWI
Recognize nutrient deficiencies and compensate for them with personalized nutritional supplements.
#83 B2B 2013 Gastfreund
Software for easy communication between guest and hotel.
#84 B2B 2016 Planerio
Software for automatic duty scheduling, employee management, digital time tracking, payroll and absence management.
#85 B2B 2018 craftguide
Mobile & virtual reality tutorials for craftmanship.
#86 B2B 2018 Rocket Factory
Development of a launch service for small satellites into space.
#87 B2B 2010 GNA Biosolutions
Developing instruments, OEM modules and tests for the ultrafast, molecular biological detection of a wide range of pathogens. The core is a specially developed technology called laser PCR.
#88 B2C 2018 CryptoMotors
Blockchain-based platform for the trade of virtual cars.
#89 B2C 2016 ottonova
Digital private health insurance with additional insurances.
#90 B2B 2018 Orora Technologies
Development of a nanosatellite constellation to monitor wildfire risks and assess wildfire damage.
#91 B2C 2019 Gamers Academy
Learning and coaching platform for aspiring gamers and eSports enthusiasts.
#92 B2B 2017 Delicious Data
AI-based platform for process optimization in the food sector.
#93 B2B 2016 Alphapet
Multi-brand platform with innovative distribution model for high-quality and healthy pet food.
#94 B2B 2012 riskmethods
AI-based software to identify, assess and mitigate supply chain risks.
#95 B2C 2016 JobNinja
The Pay-per-Application Job Board!
#96 B2C 2013 Agrilution
Vertical farming technology solution consisting of a smart kitchen appliance, proprietary seed consumables and an app.
#97 B2C 2015 snapADDY
Business card scanner app.
#98 B2C 2016 Temedica
Develops indication-specific digital products for use in acute care and health promotion.
#99 B2B 2015 Alyne
Software provider offering cyber security, risk management and compliance capabilities.
#100 B2B 2014 SINN Power
A developer of a patented wave energy technology.

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München Nürnberg Augsburg Planegg Würzburg Regensburg Garching bei München Grünwald Erlangen Gilching Gräfelfing Passau Rosenheim Aschaffenburg Ottobrunn

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