Two million euros for delivery start-up Dropp

The company wants to transfer the business principle of Gorillas, Flink & Co. to other product groups. The service is now being launched in Berlin.

A new fast delivery service is entering the scene in Germany, but this time not for groceries. The Berlin-based start-up Dropp announced its launch in Germany on Thursday. In addition, the company closed a pre-seed funding of two million euros. The money comes from Atlantic Ventures, Kima Ventures, Collective Ventures and former Gorillas managers Ronny Shibley and Jörg Kattner.

Dropp promises to get products to customers within three hours. E-commerce providers of all categories can use the Berlin-based company's offer. The company uses hyperlocal warehouses for this purpose, which should guarantee short delivery routes. According to the company, the entire process should be as CO2-neutral as possible.

Dropp was founded by Alessa Vogler, Nicolas Pörschke and Philip Braun. "With our innovative approach of enabling online shops to make climate-neutral and time-efficient deliveries, we are getting closer to our vision of playing a decisive role in shaping the logistics of the future in urban areas," Vogler said in light of the launch. Some of the founders already have experience in e-commerce: Vogler was Head of Corporate Development at furniture mail order company Westwing, Braun worked at digital shipping company Forto. Dropp's service is initially available in Berlin, with Cologne and Munich to be added by the end of the year.

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