The best measures and tools for the German start-up scene

Below you will find a list of Covid 19 measures and tools. If you have any questions, additional suggestions or ideas, please feel free to contact

(representing the German Startups Association).

Disclaimer: The content below is crowdsourced, so it is not independently verified. It is intended as support for founders and management teams currently discussing their own actions on SARS-CoV-2/COVID-19 and learning from the ecosystem.

hackathon focused on non-medical solutions needed in such a crisis. You can submit proposals to the German Startups Association and mobilize your friends - it needs the best German technologists - at the same time you work together digitally to find solutions that help society now! When. From 20 to 22 March. Register here


NOTE - STATE CREDIT FOR START-UPS: BVDS is in contact with the BMWi and the individual state governments regarding funding and liquidity support. It is also currently preparing a list of demands to the government to be discussed with Ramona Pop (Senator for Economy, Energy and Public Enterprises) on Wednesday, March 18, 2020. If you have points you would like raised, please feel free to contact

. The second meeting with KPMG will also address this issue. Thank you so much for your support!

NOTE - FREE LEGAL CONSULTATION: BVDS member advocado offers legal services from highly specialized law firms. The first legal consultation is free of charge. The service is available in several languages: Find more information here


NOTE - LEGAL QUESTIONS: A big thank you to the 550+ attendees who were able to be at the event. You can see the meeting transcript here! BVDS will be partnering with KPMG to host a follow-up session on public bonds next Tuesday, March 24, at 8:30 a.m.

SPECIAL ARTICLE: Charité app on recommended actions and information on coronavirus


NOTE - VIRTUAL EMERGENCY RESPONSE: Information and best practices from the employment attorney at DONE!Berlin. Topics: Mobile working, short-term working, internal communications, government support, etc. Wednesday, March 18 from 4:30pm - register here



Employee Communications

After school closings - information for parents:

BEFORE the first confirmed case:

AFTER the first confirmed case:

Measures and stress tests of VC funds

Analyses, articles and podcasts

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