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Startup Charts
Based on monthly employee growth in August 2021

#1 B2B 2015 ToolKitX.com
ToolKitX is a comprehensive online collaboration tool for all aspects off Construction and Asset Management.
#2 B2B 2016 LIME medical
Rehabilitation robotics for hand therapy.
#3 B2B 2019 Secufy
Secufy is a personal SOS Button. When pressed three times, the portable button sends an alert to your selected contacts, informing them of your location.
#4 B2B2C 2020 CHUMAI Consulting & Solutions
CHUMAI Consulting & Solutions offers innovative IT services around the digitalization of business models.
#5 B2B 2019 sphira
AR-supported manuals to visualize, document and share physical workflows.
#6 B2B 2012 Particulate
White label solution for companies to offer their employees or customers social coins to support social projects.
#7 B2B2C 2013 InfinitePay
Providing B2C and B2B services to the financial services industry.
#8 B2B 2020 insight.out
Digitization of psychological testing procedures.
#9 B2B 2018 dicehub
Simulation software for companies with collaboration possibilities.

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