News Multiple founders receive more capital Those who are founding a company for the first time have a good chance of receiving more money in the first round of financing. In addition, Berlin is still the most lucrative place to start a business.
News Zeitgold loses one of its founders In 2015 he founded Zeitgold together with Jan Deepen, now Stefan Jeschonnek is leaving the fintech. The reason is a change in the company structure.
News Pinky Embarrassing What comes out when two men try to solve a made-up menstruating problem was on social media yesterday: a shitstorm. That's what it's about.
Portraits This start-up wants to breathe a second life into batteries from electric cars Batteries from electric cars only have a limited lifespan. The start-up Voltfang from Aachen wants to reuse them after their service life. As a storage device, they could possibly last ten years longer.
News Start-ups to pay less tax The state of Baden-Württemberg wants to introduce a corresponding initiative in the Bundesrat. Before that, however, the state's own government still has to approve the bill.
News Saxony supports almost 80 potential start-up founders 1,000 euros and a network: that's what the InnoStartBonus funding programme in Saxony offers. 377 people came forward with ideas and concepts, and the state is now funding 78 of them.

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