Luca app operator defends itself against accusations

The Luca app is secure and transparent, says the head of the contact-tracking app. Previously, security experts had criticized the application.

Patrick Hennig, CEO of Culture4Life GmbH, which operates the Luca app, is defending himself against the massive criticism of the tracing app. Luca is safe and transparent and is also not forced on anyone, he told Deutsche Presse Agentur


70 German security experts had criticized the Luca app in a joint statement. The benefit of the app is less than the risk, they said. In particular, the collection of contact and movement data on a central server and by a private company would pose a risk of misuse and data leaks, the experts said. "Individual systems that act as central data repositories are attractive targets that are difficult to protect from attacks," the statement said.

Regarding the accusation of centralized data storage, Patrick Hennig tells Deutsche Presse Agentur

, "But there are quite a lot of them in Germany. The financial system, every health office, every health record, all these systems have central structures." But it is important that they are secure. "With Luca, no data can be read by a single party via comprehensive decentralized encryption."

Security experts are promoting Coronawarnapp, which is paid for by the Department of Health. This can also track contacts, but anonymously without contact details and without reporting to the health department. But the office depends on the contact information, Hennig tells Deutsche Presse Agentur

. "No health department would say we don't need any more contact information."

The Luca App became known because Smudo of the Fantastischen Vier made advertising for the application. Most states then bought licenses for the app. 291 health offices are connected to the Luca app, Hennig told Deutsche Presse Agentur

. "Where there is life, it is often used. Luca is a system for after the lockdown. When restaurants can open again, cultural events take place again and visits to nursing homes are possible again. Before that, Luca can only be active in a preparatory way."

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