Did ex-Chevalier CTO steal code from legal tech?

According to a media report, this accusation is now being examined by the Tiergarten District Court in Berlin. One of the founders of Hopkins is said to have taken the code from Chevalier.

According to research by Gründerszene

, Hopkins founder Markus Petrykowski stole a code from his former employer Chevalier and used it to build his new startup. A corresponding lawsuit, which is not yet admitted to the main hearing, is before the district court Tiergarten in Berlin.

Both companies focus on claiming compensation in the field of labor law and automating these processes. Chevalier spun out of startup Flightright, which focuses on the same process only for when air travel is involved.

Petrykowski, along with Simon Wolff, exited Chevalier in August 2019. Together, they founded legal tech startup Hopkins. That's where Petrykowski allegedly took the code. The charges are only against him, he exited Hopkins in March this year. Petrykowski did not respond to inquiries from Gründerszene, and his former colleague Wolff writes Gründerszene

that he only knows of a career change that led to Petrykowski's exit. There are no charges against his company, he said.

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