Marvel Fusion disputes with city of Penzberg

The start-up wanted to build the world's first nuclear fusion reactor in the city near Munich. But suddenly the start-up is keeping a low profile, and the city sets a deadline.

Scientists and companies around the world are working on the commercialization of nuclear fusion. In Germany, the start-up Marvel Fusion is also trying its hand at it and announced last year that it wanted to buy an industrial site near Munich in the town of Penzberg. That's where the company wanted to build the reactor. In January, the city council approved the purchase of the site in Nonnenwald, but Marvel Fusion has been keeping a low profile ever since. Now the city council has set a deadline: By March 22, the Munich-based energy start-up must formulate a binding interest in buying, or the decision from January will be rescinded.

At the beginning of January, the start-up had still demanded clarity from the city as to whether the area could be purchased. Prenzberg apparently reacted quickly and is now complaining that the start-up is leaving them stranded. On Monday, Mayor Stefan Korpan of the CSU had asked Marvel Fusion, but received no binding statement, reports the Süddeutsche Zeitung.

On both sides, there are now apparently alternatives: With the great media interest around the first fusion reactor, other locations probably offered themselves to Marvel Fusion. But other companies are now also interested in the Nonnenwald, which would like to use the 28,700 square meter area commercially. Whether the area is used commercially or industrially also has an impact on the purchase price, because industrially used areas have less stringent environmental regulations.

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