New shareholder for proptech Seniovo

The family-owned company Villeroy & Boch is joining the Berlin-based start-up. The medium-sized company has been supporting the projects of the start-up for some time.

Seniovo is getting a new shareholder. Ceramic goods manufacturer Villeroy & Boch is joining the Berlin-based proptech with immediate effect. How much the Saarland company is investing in it was not initially disclosed.

Seniovo organizes the barrier-free conversion of bathrooms from the planning to the application for cost coverage by health insurance companies and relies primarily on the digitalization of the steps. For the conversion itself, the proptech has long relied on Villeroy & Boch products.

"To gain a partner today that has high brand recognition, is well connected in the sanitary industry and is a recognized training partner is a great asset in our growth phase," says CEO Jonathan Kohl of Seniovo.

Villeroy & Boch is thus supporting the existing investor team around Seniovo, which is made up of PropTech1 Ventures and IBB Ventures. Just last year, the start-up raised Euro 2.5 million from IBB Investitionsbank Berlin.


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