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Every month we present an outstanding start-up and its history.

Interviews Startup of the month These three founders, fresh out of college, want to revolutionize retail. Three founders fresh out of college want to revolutionize retail.
Interviews Startup of the month Home office for cooks? During the Corona pandemic, many restaurant workers are struggling with existential fears. The two founders of HomeMeal (previously HomeMealDeal) want to change that.
Interviews Startup of the month Finance baby! ETFs, shares, pension provision - for many people, these are topics that you have heard of before, but you don't really know what they are all about. The two founders of the Stuttgart-based start-up finance baby! now...
Magazine Startup of the month Roamlike Product placement in a different way - that is the concept of Roamlike.
Interviews Startup of the month rubarb The new startup from the nephews of Olaf Scholz offers investments in ETF portfolios for everyone.
Interviews Startup of the month Aivy The HR startup wants to make personnel selection more non-discriminatory and has developed a game-based testing procedure for applicants to this end.
Interviews Startup of the month Ovy If you come up with a plan B, plan A won't work.
Interviews Startup of the month Oreltech The startup team from Israel develops conductive inks - cheap and environmentally friendly.
Interviews Startup of the month home pile // soap&precede Startup ideas in the shower - it worked for these two founders.
Interviews Startup of the month ParkHere ParkHere is heading in the direction of sustainable mobility. Parking is then done with the help of digital solutions.

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