The lions' den

News The lions' den Record sum demanded on DHDL The Swiss come to Germany and first of all deliberately demand the highest sum that anyone has heard on DHDL. But they have good arguments.
News The lions' den Majority of Letsact goes to Fonds Finanz and Versicherungsgruppe die Bayerische The start-up is also known for its participation in the show Die Höhle der Löwen (The Lion's Den) last September, but now the "Tinder for voluntary work" has given up its majority shares to two shareholders. 20...
News The lions' den Kofler plans an IPO with Social Chain This would be the third IPO of the investor Kofler. In the coming year, the company's turnover is expected to grow to half a billion euros.
News The lions' den DHDL deal with Georg Kofler falls through for this start-up The Lion struck a deal with Berlin-based start-up The Makery on the show. After the show, no deal was made.
News The lions' den Public prosecutor's office apparently investigating Georg Kofler According to a media report, there are fraud allegations against the investor known from the TV show "Die Höhle der Löwen".
News The lions' den Founders of Happypo create exit Razor Group snaps up the company, which was founded in 2017. Founder Oliver Elsoud remains loyal to his company and goes along.
News The lions' den Last week in the season finale at: "The Lion's Den" .... Sustainable water filters, local superfoods made from grain sprouts, and weldable fabric for shipbuilding- these ideas were on DHDL this week.
News The lions' den Last week on: "The Lion's Den" ... Episode review from 05.10.2020 Mybimaxx First to enter the cave are Bastian and Lukas, two founders from Stuttgart. The two brothers have developed Mybimaxx, a fitness bandage that promises to build the same muscle...

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