Felix Leitmeyer

Felix Leitmeyer


News Next E.go apparently plans IPO According to media reports, the company could take this step in the first half of 2022.
News Lendis raises 80 million euros The financing round consists of 30 million euros in equity and 50 million euros in debt.
News Ineratec receives 20 million euros Among other things, the start-up wants to use the money to expand its production capacities for CO2-neutral fuels and chemicals.
News Cherry Ventures launches new fund It is the venture capitalist's largest fund to date. Cherry Ventures wants to focus on climate technology, crypto and other areas.
News French customers want to sue N26 A lawyer accuses the bank of "completely arbitrarily" blocking money when bank customers needed it.
News Billwerk takes over Sofacto As recently as November 2021, the company had purchased the Copenhagen-based provider Reepay.
News Payment license for Aifinyo In the current year, the financing startup plans to launch a credit card and a business account, according to a media report.
News Gropyus apparently receives at least 70 million euros Christian Angermayer is also one of the investors. At the same time, internal disagreements arose, according to media reports.
News Blossom Capital becomes largest Series A investor in Europe The venture capitalist has raised a fund of over $432 million. Blossom had recently invested in the Berlin-based start-up Superchat.
News Vincenz Klemm's new start-up apparently receives 3.5 million euros The sale of his insurance start-up Gabi reportedly raised $320 million. Now he is focusing on cybersecurity with Baobab.

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