Sophie Deistler

Sophie Deistler


News 30 million US dollars for Alaiko The start-up from Munich wants to revolutionize e-commerce. Now venture capital firms and business angels have invested in Alaiko.
News Moss raises 75 million euros After the current financing round, the total valuation rose to half a billion euros. Moss launched in mid-2020 with a corporate credit card for German startups and digital companies.
News Autodoc seeks investor In September of last year, Autodoc completed its transformation into a stock corporation. Now the planned IPO has probably been postponed, and an investor is being sought instead.
News Bundestag: Anna Christmann to become new start-up commissioner Actually, the appointment as Germany's start-up envoy was not to be announced until the next two weeks. Now, Green Party member of the Bundestag Anna Christmann is to take over the post.
Reports Start-up for cleaning products: Everdrop in test Everdrop wants to make cleaning sustainable. This is how Everdrop's cleaning kit performs in Startbase's test.
News Half a percent more economic growth through biontech The fact that a single company or even a start-up leaves such a clear positive footprint on Germany's growth balance sheet is probably a first.
News Tado wants to go public via Spac The start-up relies on the Spac FJ ESG Acquisition of ex-Klöckner boss Gisbert Rühl, investor Florian Fritsch and ex-Relayr boss Josef Brunner.
News This is how N26 developed in the 2020 financial year In its first pandemic year, Berlin-based Neobank grew less than expected. Fee and commission income increased by 15 percent compared with fiscal 2019.
News Visualvest manages assets of over five billion euros Visualvest's Robo Advisor has had a successful year. Nevertheless, most of the money still comes from the Volks- und Raiffeisenbanken's white label business.
News Heimkapital raises 300 million euros With the option to partially sell real estate, Heimkapital appeals especially to people aged 60 and older.

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