Why did you start your start-up, which problem do you address and how do you solve it?

We founded movaco in order to give employers and employees the opportunity to do what they do best and at the same time to become more sustainable, economical and successful without having to reinvent themselves.

Many companies are located in rural areas. Areas where trains and buses are not available. Cars and everything else around them cost a lot of money for employers and employees and that is not going to change. That's why we offer a B2B2C mobility platform for daily commuting via carpooling and simplified mobility management.

How did you come up with the idea of founding the platform?

The movaco headquarters is located in Coburg, a small town in northern Bavaria. We all got to know the problems we are currently solving with our product during our studies and while working for companies in this area. Nevertheless, climate protection is still one of our main goals and was one of the reasons for founding our start-up.

What is special about your business model, what do you do differently?

If you have a B2B2C business model, your product must always meet two types of customer requirements. That's why we offer not only a carpooling platform for commuters, but also a mobility management platform for companies - with added value for both. Understanding and implementing multimodal mobility in general and what is important for employers and employees in this context is what sets us apart.

What were the biggest challenges you had to overcome in the beginning?

The biggest challenge for us was to build ourselves as a team and grow together. Especially in the beginning it is important to know each other, trust each other and work together like a Swiss clockwork. We had to overcome some changes in the team that threw us back a few times, but we learned our lessons. It's not about the idea, it's about team spirit and the right co-founders.

What has been your biggest success so far?

Growing together as an interdisciplinary team while building our first working prototype (MVP) in less than three months. This has shown us that we are capable of building something significant in a short time.

What is the next challenge for you?

The biggest challenge for us is to prove that as a team we are capable of achieving our goals, especially getting the product to market, making sales and getting our first external financing.

What are your milestones?

In 2020 we will get our MVP ready for the final launch by collecting and implementing as much feedback as possible from our paying pilot customers and our users. In the meantime, we want to grow as a company and successfully complete a first round of financing.

If an investor would give you €500,000, what would you do with the money?

We would use the investment according to our financial planning to grow our business and to create the basis to make it 10 times as much. Of course this includes the expansion of our team and the further development of our product.

Where do you see your startup in three years?

We will be at the forefront of digital mobility management solutions for businesses and beyond that, as individuals and as a company, we will continue to grow and learn, .

Why are you on Startbase?

We see ourselves as part of an ecosystem where many different players come together to build something big. Startbase is the perfect meeting place for all players in the start-up ecosystem and a place for us to learn and grow and also to meet competitors, partners and investors.

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