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Interview partner: Andreas Zurwehme (Managing Director)

Why did you start your start-up, what problem do you address and how do you solve it?

I suffer from asthma all my life, I know what it is like to live with too little strength to breathe! A decade ago I was in China and the smog was so strong that I was not able to see the sky. I realized that one day I want to work in an industry that makes our world better, cleaner and more sustainable ... So the idea of some kind of e-mobility product was born in my head.

How did you come up with the idea to create eROCKIT?

I had the chance to buy all rights to the concept of eROCKIT, I talked to two partners and founded the company. What we are addressing is the need for a vehicle that is fun and an enrichment rather than a sacrifice, and that will bring you emission-free without too much delay in traffic jams caused by our congested traffic environment. The eROCKIT as an intelligent, agile, fast and super fun two-wheeler with a range of 120 km seemed to be the perfect solution!

What is special about your business model, what do you do differently?

We at eROCKIT put the human being back in the centre of mobility. The interface between man and machine (PEDALS!) is the key. That is why we call it Human Hybrid. The constant need to pedal connects the driver to the vehicle in a fascinating way. Try it out!

What were the biggest challenges you had to overcome in the beginning?

I have already founded other companies, so that was not the challenge at all. The challenge was to put together a top team of two-wheeled experts with the right motivation and attitude to convert existing products from internal combustion engines to zero-emission driving pleasure. The eROCKIT is certainly one of them.

What was the most valuable advice someone gave you during your start-up phase?

I can't remember that one particular piece of advice during the founding phase, but I can tell you that Arnold Schwarzenegger once told me never think about a plan B, always concentrate on your plan A, because if you concentrate on a plan B, you lose your absolute focus on your plan A. So I did it!

What has been your biggest success so far?

Right now we are really a small team - not even 15 people, but our product is already being featured on the news worldwide. The brand new eROCKIT goes its way and conquers the world of new e-mobility. There is no doubt about it.

What are your milestones?

Since production has already started, we want to start real mass production and expand as soon as possible to European two-wheeler countries like France, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Portugal and others. I always think internationally - I can never think of just one continent.

Why are you on Startbase?

The idea of connecting companies and their innovations is very attractive for us. Startbase enriches every founder in every industry.

Who is the mastermind in your team and what is his superpower?

We don't just have a super brain, we are "the Borg", our collective thinking is the key to our success.

Ten. Where do you see your start-up in three years?

In 3 years I am very sure that we will produce units in the 4-digit range per year and that the eROCKIT has started to be present worldwide.

erockit michael müller, andy zurwehme

Managing Director Andreas Zurwehme with Berlin's Governing Mayor Michael Müller

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