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Why did you start your start-up, which problem do you address and how do you solve it?

Nowadays it is essential to structure content such as large amounts of text and data as efficiently as possible and make it available for further (automated) processing and monetization. We faced this challenge in previous projects in the field of AdTech, publishing and content syndication and did not find a good solution to complete the task a) economically and b) with the data and knowledge we were looking for. Many companies are still hiring students, interns or other employees to get the job done - or gave up trying to handle the huge amounts of data. Some try to develop their own expensive, time-consuming solution, which is not their main focus. hyScore is an independent, cross-industry provider of innovative solutions for Natural Language Processing (NLP) combined with Artificial Intelligence (AI). With the flexible hyScore solutions texts, web pages, audio and video can be analyzed in real time. The technology can be individually trained and adapted to special requirements. With hyScore, large amounts of text/data can be analysed 100% automatically and valuable findings can be provided for further use and processing in more than 20 languages. Savings of high expenses, a reduction of investment costs and risks, a quick and easy proof-of-concept and an acceleration of time-to-market and thus earlier revenues are some of the additional benefits associated with our services.

How did you come up with the idea to start your start-up?

A discussion over a cup of coffee in the Café "Katies Blue Cat" (Berlin) between Michael and Lucas was the starting point.

What is special about your business model, what do you do differently?

We are something like a "B2B+2B" business. That means that we work more as partners for our customers, who deliver the part they need to improve and enrich their product or, beyond that, to build the bridge to process automation. We are a business enabler with some generalist or individual, tailor-made solutions for natural language processing. From the very beginning, we have not worked in traditional hierarchies and rulebooks. We have created an open working environment that allows our employees to work independently and to decide for themselves how to do their work. This includes where, when and how everyone at hyScore works. Everyone is committed to the development of the company. This makes us more flexible than others and helps our customers.

What has been your greatest success so far?

Besides convincing people how important and useful our solutions are? A great success that we as a not yet so well known company (e.g. like IBM) win direct pitches against other established companies. This shows us that we are on the right track. We are constantly developing our products and solutions further.

What is the next challenge for you?

The biggest challenge is still to gain more awareness of what hyScore can do for your business/product and how we can help to avoid high investment risks in order to automate processes in no time. So said, we are happy to have reached the title "Startup of the month".

What have you learned so far?

a)Always do your own research. b
)Question, ask again and... maybe ask again until you have put all the pieces of the puzzle together to offer a solution that really solves the customer's problem and helps to manage expectations and meet requirements.
c) Be bold and
start from the beginning to position yourself as a premium solution provider.

d) Learn
and improve


And then repeat it!

Where did you two meet?

A long time ago in Berlin... To be honest, we've known each other for years. We met here and there during our business lives, where everyone worked in different companies. Then - one day - quite by chance, we worked for the same company. From this circumstance, our history and the "team chemistry", the idea was born to develop hyScore in our spare time. Later, after talking about our ideas, receiving positive feedback from our personal networks and directly winning our first customer who was willing to pay for using our service, we founded the company.

Where do you see your startup in 3 years?

Our technology will be used to analyze content from all countries of the world. In 10 years our technology will be used by everyone...

If an investor gave you 500,000 euros, what would you do with that money?

The 500,000 Euros will allow us to finance further product development, so companies like Facebook, Google, Amazon, Microsoft and Apple would like to use us.

Who would you like to have dinner with and why?

As a team, we share many interests and would therefore like to have dinner with the following four distinguished personalities from very different fields to discuss the future:

  • Warren Buffet (investment idol)
  • Noam Chomsky (godfather of computational linguistics)
  • Kevin Fig (wonder mastermind)
  • Cixin Liu (Chinese and aspiring science fiction star)

Extra: The name ""

We were looking for something that would reflect what we do. The company name is connected to our earliest prototype for a generalistic solution of our hyScore|analyze - product. Among other valuable information, we extract weighted keywords from each text. The weighting or score value reflects the importance of the keyword in relation to the text. The higher the weighting or score value of a keyword, the higher is its importance in the context of the whole analysis. So we had a "high score". Since we are also computer and console gamers in our spare time, we thought this might be a bit misleading and High was shrunk to "hy", which some people translate as "Hey! or hello! So the name "hyScore" was born. Since we offer our NLP solutions via API services, the ".io" domain was ideal and stands for "In" and "Out" for us. Text in, result out.

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