Celebrate Company gets an investor for the first time

Until now, the Celebrate Company group, which includes the start-up Kartenmacherei, had done without any external capital. Now a French investor is getting involved.

The French-based private equity fund EMZ Partners will hold around 34 percent of Celebrate Company in the future. The group of companies, which also includes the start-up Kartenmacherei, is thus bringing an external investor on board for the first time. According to the company, Celebrate Company's operational management team around Steffen Behn and Patrick Leibold holds more than 10 percent of the shares in Celebrate, while founder Christoph Behn remains the majority owner.

With Cardmaking, the team around founder Christoph Behn has already succeeded in building a well-known brand for personalized cards. In 2020, despite Corona, Kartenmacherei was able to increase its turnover by six million euros compared to the previous year to 53 million euros. "For the future, we also plan to grow more with our new partner EMZ through acquisitions at home and abroad," Behn explains the move. He himself withdrew from the management of Celebrate Company last year and dedicates himself to investing in other start-ups with the angel club Better Ventures

. Behn handed over to Patrick Leibold and Steffen Behn for this purpose.

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