Tandemploy receives seven-figure sum

No room for a man: The Berlin start-up Tandemploy was able to win five well-known female investors from the business world for a seven-figure sum. It's an "all-female deal", as they call it themselves. And a conscious decision.

An all-female group of investors for a female-led start-up: unfortunately, a peculiarity in the male-dominated start-up scene. The two female founders of the software company Tandemploy were able to attract five female investors in a new round of financing. Nothing is known about the exact sum, but it is a seven-figure figure. "We now feel strongly positioned for the time being. A larger growth financing I would not exclude in the medium term, of course," says Jana Tepe, one of the founders of the Handelsblatt


The interest was great and the exclusively female round was chosen with full intention by Tandemploy: "We have chosen this time very deliberately for women as investors to set an example," says Tepe to the Handelsblatt

. Among the five final female investors are, for example, Stephanie Bschorr, who is a partner at the auditing firm HTG and former president of the Association of German Women Entrepreneurs (VdU). Also on board are Angelika Gifford, vice president of Facebook's European business, and Elke Eller, board member and labor director at TUI. Does the start-up now only rely on women? No, say the founders - diversity is important to them at all levels. But it's a move they're betting on copycats to follow: "The all-female deal was the first - but certainly not the last in the tech scene," says Anna Kaiser, the second female founder.

Led by Tepe and Kaiser, the startup has become a successful provider of remote working software since 2013. It's an idea that fits perfectly in times of the new-work movement and digitalization due to the Corona pandemic. That let the start-up grow enormously last year: "And in 2021 we want to do it again - especially abroad - and make a profit for the first time," Tepe tells us. Tandemploy's customers include companies such as SAP, Lufthansa and Evonik. In total, employees in 58 countries and 276 cities use the service.

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