Venture capital fund launched for women only

Women are underrepresented in the founding teams of start-ups. Now two business angels have set up a new fund with Auxxo to change that.

Business angels Gesa Miczaika and Bettine Schmitz have joined forces with Auxxo to launch a new venture capital fund just for women. The Female Catalyst Fund invests in pre-seed and seed funding rounds of startups by female founders. It also supports mixed founding teams if at least 20 percent of the shares are owned by women.

Among those who have invested in the fund are Verena Pausder, Tina Müller, Emma Tracey and Simone Menne. "It was important to us to attract many women investors. Only when there are more female investors in the VC business will female founders also get enough capital," says Gesa Miczaika. There are still few women in German founding teams: In 2020, the proportion of female founders was 17.7 percent, according to the German Start-up Monitor

The fund has a total volume of 15 million US dollars. Between 100,000 and 600,000 euros are to be invested per start-up.

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