News UVC Partners raises €255 million The investor, based in Munich and Berlin, has raised €255 million for its current fund. Backers include successful founders as well as family offices such as that of the Klattens or Strüngmanns.
News Flixbus plans new route network with Greyhound Flixbus bought the US industry giant Greyhound for 172 million US dollars. Now company boss Schwämmlein is speaking out about his plans for the company.
News Flixbus buys US industry leader Greyhound Munich-based mobility provider Flixmobility, which operates the Flixbus and Flixtrain brands, is acquiring US company Greyhound Lines.
News Flixbus wants to expand to Brazil The green buses will soon also be running in South America. This is made possible by the opening of the mobility market in Brazil.
News FlixTrains are rolling again The first trains will start running on 20 May, and the start-up plans to serve 16 new cities: The Flixtrain brand is back in play.
News Flixbus CEO and future N26 CFO take stake in Spac Spac follows Spac. The next shell company is now being launched on the Amsterdam stock exchange. Some of the big names from the German start-up scene are also involved.
News Flixbuses start rolling again Since November, neither the green buses nor trains of Flixmobility have been running, but from 25 March the company will resume its bus operations. The Flixtrain will then start for the summer holidays. The company...
News 1.7 million euros for the LinkedIn of craft enterprises Berlin-based start-up Electry becomes Power Us and raises €1.7 million in a funding round.
News Flixbus founder invests in logistics start-up Hive The start-up from Berlin will receive a total of 1.6 million euros.
Interviews "The female founders are missing" Bettina Engert helped make Flixbus big, was at the venture capitalist Acton Capital and has now started at the non-profit organization Startup Teens. A conversation about girls who want to start up, foregoing big...

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