News Philipp Schröder's new start-up emulates Sunrun from the USA Philipp Schröder was once Germany's first Tesla boss. Now he wants to build a new start-up. 1Komma5 is to mediate between installers and customers of solar systems, energy storage and charging stations.
Portraits Exclusive: Enpal wins Volksbank as a partner - and dreams of cars Mario Kohle's solar start-up has prominent investors, is flirting with an IPO and wants to raise money via crowdinvesting. Now the company can inspire a Volksbank - and then there's this car idea.
Portraits This start-up wants to breathe a second life into batteries from electric cars Batteries from electric cars only have a limited lifespan. The start-up Voltfang from Aachen wants to reuse them after their service life. As a storage device, they could possibly last ten years longer.
News Tesla is allowed to continue building A security deposit of 100 million euros secures the American company the continued construction of its factory in Brandenburg. Previously, a construction stop was imposed because Tesla did not perform.
News Applicants report chaos at Tesla On Kununu, applicants report chaotic conditions and a lack of feedback at the automaker.
News Because of Tesla factory: Union faction vice-president wants to change the right to sue associations Tesla has not only made friends with the Gigafactory near Berlin. Above all, environmental associations are critical of the encroachment on nature for the construction. Associations from other federal states are also...

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