Lars-Thorben Niggehoff

Lars-Thorben Niggehoff

Lars-Thorben Niggehoff ist Gründer des Journalistenbüros dreimaldrei und Redakteur bei Startbase. Als freier Journalist arbeitet er unter anderem auch für Brand Eins, den Cicero und die Welt über Wirtschafts-, Immobilien- und Finanzthemen.

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Interviews "The gross misleading of customers must stop". Lubomila Jordanova co-founded the SaaS start-up Plan A in 2017. They offer software so that companies can calculate and reduce their own CO2 emissions. Now her company is launching the "Make 2021 count" campaign to...
News MeinAuto can hope for valuation in the billions on the stock exchange This Wednesday, the car dealer's IPO is official. For the company itself, 150 million euros should fall off.
News 4.5 million euros for ThingsThinking With its Semantha speech processing software, the Karlsruhe-based start-up is already supporting several large companies. The new seed funding is now intended to help the KIT spin-off develop the market.
News Federal Finance Ministry considers Spacs "sensible" - but warns of risks A question from the parliamentary group of the Greens shows how the House of Olaf Scholz assesses the current Spac boom. The answer is ambiguous - probably also because so far only a few Spacs fall within the remit of...
News Will gorillas become six-unicorns? The Berlin delivery service apparently wants to raise capital again. The start-up is reportedly aiming for a valuation of six billion US dollars.
News Exclusive: Crafting Future closes seed round With a new cooperation behind it, the Hanover-based start-up Crafting Future was able to raise six-figure seed funding. With this, the Lower Saxons want to bring their reusable products to the market throughout Europe...
News LBBW and EnBW invest in 3Yourmind In total, the start-up was able to raise over ten million euros. The money is to flow into the further development of the in-house 3D printing software.
Portraits It's all a matter of protocol Stricter sustainability requirements set by policymakers are causing headaches for many investors. Also because good tools for data collection are lacking. Plan A from Berlin believes it has found a solution that...
Portraits "The big ones have lawyers, the little ones have hope". The German economy could soon be facing a wave of insolvencies, partly because many companies ignore early indicators. A fintech from Worms wants to help companies identify difficulties before they become acute.
News Bayern Kapital invests in Ryte The Munich-based company now wants to use the money to expand into the US and the UK. Munich-based SaaS start-up Ryte receives two million euros from Bayern Kapital, the VC arm of the Free State of Bavaria. This...

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