Moonfare now also invests in growth funds

Fintech Moonfare raised more than 55 million euros last year with its buyout portfolio, and now the Berlin-based growth funds are turning their attention to it. Eight to ten funds are carefully selected for the portfolio.

The Berlin-based fintech Moonfare is expanding its offering and is now also focusing on growth financing. For this purpose, eight to ten growth funds will be selected and included in the Growth Equity Portfolio, in which individual investors are also allowed to participate. This is intended to facilitate access to fast-growing companies for individual investors, who are often excluded from investment opportunities by high minimum investment amounts. For the Growth Equity Portfolio, the minimum investment amount is $60,000.

Just last year, Moonfare successfully launched the Buyout Portfolio, which raised more than 55 million from over 300 investors.

The Berlin-based fintech enables private investors to invest in markets that are actually closed to them. To do so, it requires a customer account and the willingness to invest at least 50,000 euros in the funds. 1,300 customers have signed up Moonfare so far, the company says. They have invested 700 million euros. The fintech is working with Berenberg Bank and Fidelity International

, among others, to do this.

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