Magazine Opinion Weed, crypto, capital markets: what will be important for startups in 2022 Some hypes from 2021 will probably continue in the new year. But completely new topics could also dominate. An outlook on 2022.
Magazine Knowledge These are Germany's new unicorns In 2021, more start-ups cracked the billion mark than ever before. An overview of the success stories.
News Gorillas takes over Foodpanda drivers Through an agreement with the logistics company that had employed Foodpanda's drivers, Gorillas now lets the drivers cycle for its own business. In the process, some who had been laid off by the company are also...
Magazine Opinion Billion-dollar deals, scandals and a tenfold unicorn: the 2021 year in review From German Decacorn to a sexist start-up. The year had a lot to offer, a look back at the biggest success stories - and upsets.
News Foodpanda has to lay off 300 employees After Delivery Hero announced it was shutting down its Foodpanda brand in Germany, the company now looks set to lay off 300 employees.
News Gorillas employees elect works council The delivery service still tried to stop the election with an emergency motion, but failed. Now the panel stands.
News Gorillas defends itself against court decision on works council election This week, the employees of the delivery service are allowed to elect the works council for the first time - at least according to the current status. With an urgent application Gorillas apparently wants to prevent...
News Court to rule on election of Gorillas works council The delivery service Gorillas believes that all is not right in the selection of the election board. It is the next harassment in the industrial action.
News Gorillas wants to spin off supply warehouse in Berlin Recently, Gorillas earned criticism for the dismissal of striking employees. Now a new organization is to calm the situation in the strike stronghold Berlin.
News Sustainable competition for gorillas The start-up Alpacas focuses on sustainable packaging, environmentally friendly transport and organic instead of fast.

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