Gorillas defends itself against court decision on works council election

This week, the employees of the delivery service may elect the works council for the first time - at least according to the current status. With an emergency motion, Gorillas apparently wants to prevent the election anyway.

Last Wednesday, the Berlin labor court ruled in favor of the employees at Gorillas: From today until Friday, the employees of the delivery service can vote for their representation for the first time. Gorillas, however, objected to the decision of the labor court, as Gründerszene reported. Therefore, on Tuesday, the Berlin-Brandenburg regional labor court is to decide on a corresponding emergency application of the start-up against the works council election.

The Berlin start-up criticizes above all the procedure for appointing the election committee, which employees had already elected. The election notice had not been posted in all the required places and contained errors. In addition, Gorillas is currently undergoing restructuring. Recently, the start-up decided to spin off its Berlin delivery warehouses and set up a franchise system. This could make it more difficult to form a group-wide works council.

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