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Baden-Württemberg promotes AI together with France

The state supports cross-border cooperation between start-ups and companies. 500,000 euros have been earmarked for this purpose.

The Baden-Württemberg Ministry of Economic Affairs wants to improve networking between companies on the German-French border. To this end, the state is providing funding to the tune of 500,000 euros. Companies, start-ups and research institutions should thus be able to exchange more about artificial intelligence and Industry 4.0. "We want to lay the foundation for the development of a Franco-German AI ecosystem, and thus better connect players from science, business and politics," says Economics Minister Nicole Hoffmeister-Kraut (CDU).

The focus is on cross-border networking and supporting industry in developing markets. The funded institutions include the Digital Innovation Centre DIZ, the Digital Hub Karlsruhe for Applied Artificial Intelligence, the Alliance Industry 4.0 Baden-Württemberg, the Steinbeis-Europa Zentrum and Baden-Württemberg International.

The second Franco-German conference on applied artificial intelligence took place in early December, creating a platform for innovation partnerships. "The task now is to take the collaborations established in this way to a new level in the long term," says the Minister.

Baden-Württemberg Baden-Württemberg International Digital Hub Karlsruhe DIZ frankreich Industrie 4.0 Baden-Württemberg KI Steinbeis-Europa Zentrum
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