Japanese airline ANA is setting up a delivery service with Wingcopter

The German drone manufacturer is thus expanding its position in Japan.

German drone manufacturer Wingcopter, based in Weiterstadt, Hesse, has struck a deal with Japanese airline ANA. Together, they plan to set up a delivery service for medicines and consumer goods in rural areas of the country. "The ongoing tests of Wingcopter aircraft are a significant step forward in creating a viable drone transportation network," ANA Vice President Tetsuya Kubo said in a press release. No details were given on the contract amount.

The German startup has already been testing its drones in Japan since 2019. Wingcopter has another project in Malawi together with GIZ. In the US, a certification process for drones is underway. The cooperation with ANA will also be about finding out which type of drone is best suited for which region. As early as next year, the Japanese government wants to allow commercial air traffic in the airspace close to the earth, reports Handelsblatt

. Drones would then be allowed to fly over more densely populated areas even with lower visibility. "We are very excited about the next steps and the overall partnership with ANA in Japan and beyond," Wingcopter CEO Tom Plümmer said of the cooperation.

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