Merantix and Softbank work together

The two companies have announced a strategic partnership to promote AI technology in the German ecosystem.

Merantix, which sees itself as the world's first venture studio for artificial intelligence, and Softbank Investment Advisers (Sbia) have entered into a strategic partnership. They plan to collaborate on AI research and talent and ecosystem development, among other things, in the future. In addition, Softbank's Vision Fund 2 will invest an undisclosed amount in Merantix Venture Fund. Softbank is apparently looking to expand its own portfolio with AI companies in the long run.

Merantix's mission is to develop business models from AI research. Since its launch in 2016, the venture studio has founded seven AI companies, including Vara, Kausa and Siasearch. Up to ten more companies are expected to follow in the next few years, Merantix says. The team aims to build a European ecosystem for AI, including raising a €25 million fund and opening a 5,400-square-meter campus in Berlin in April this year.

"AI will have a huge impact on our lives, just as software and electricity did before," says Adrian Locher, founder and CEO of Merantix. "To get the most out of this technology, we need to build a strong ecosystem and connect key players and stakeholders. By partnering with Sbia, we come together with one of the most important global investors in AI."

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